City Council

The Sandy Springs City Council is a non-partisan elected body. The Council sets policy for the operations of the City, including approval of the annual budget, passage or changes to City ordinances, and hears and acts on requests for rezoning. Council members serve a four-year term and the elections are held the same year as the Mayor’s election.

Council Members and Council Districts

The Sandy Springs City Council is comprised of six council members, elected in a non-partisan election, representing each of the City’s six districts.

Mayor and Council Meetings

The Mayor and City Council meet at least twice a month, these meetings are open to the public.

City Charter

The Charter is the “Constitution” for the City of Sandy Springs, serving as the basic set of rules for the City government.

City Code and Ordinances

The Sandy Springs City Code is comprised of the collection of laws that have been passed and is accessible on the MuniCode website.


Resolutions are non-binding, unenforceable, statements made by a municipalities legislative body.

Election Information

City Council Adopted Priorities - adopted January 2021

  • Set the standard for excellence in CUSTOMER SERVICE and CITIZEN ENGAGEMENT;
  • Create and support targeted ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT opportunities, with an emphasis on the NORTH END; 
  • Provide inclusive and diverse RECREATIONAL & CULTURAL ENRICHMENT; 
  • Enhance multi-modal TRANSPORTATION ACCESSIBILITY and maintain high COMMUNITY APPEARANCE standards; 
  • Deliver the highest quality PUBLIC SAFETY services; and
  • Ensure long-term WATER RELIABILITY for all residents and the business community.


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The Sparkle parade and village will be returning to City Springs this December. 
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Tuesday, June 29
Preventing the spread of COVID-19 is a community effort. Learn about COVID-19 prevention in Sandy Springs.
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