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City Of Sandy Springs Approves Zoning Ordinance Changes For Party House Events

June 15, 2021

SANDY SPRINGS, Ga (June 15, 2021) – During its June 15, 2021 meeting, the City Council approved an ordinance to amend the City’s zoning code categorizing Party House events as a temporary use that will require an administrative permit.

The zoning amendments restricts party house events in residential areas and addresses the increasing trend of large commercial parties in protected neighborhoods.

Zoning Amendments:

  • A Party House is defined as single unit detached, single unit attached, or multi-family dwelling including all accessory structures, which is used for the purpose  of hosting a commercial events. 
  • A commercial event includes parties, ceremonies, receptions or similar large-scale gatherings where a fee is charged for the use of the dwelling unit, whether or not a fee is charged for the event.
  • Party house use shall be prohibited within 150 feet of a property zoned RE, RD, PK, CON, RU, RT, RM, RX, PR, or a property used for residential purposes measured from property line to property line.
  • It unlawful for a Party House Event to occur in the city without having first obtained a permit for such event.

The ordinance takes effect immediately.

For more information about the City of Sandy Springs, please visit us online at www.sandyspringsga.gov, or call the Citizen Response Center at 770-730-5600.  Follow breaking news and traffic alerts on Twitter and community news on Facebook, both @SandySpringsGA.

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