City Attorney’s Office

The City Attorney is the legal representative for the City. This official is appointed to office by the Mayor and confirmed by Council, to aid the city government in handling all legal matters.

The City Attorney’s job is to represent the City during litigation, advise city officials in legal matters and prepare legal documents for the City. This can include filing lawsuits on behalf of the City or defending the City against lawsuits. The City Attorney also acts as a legal adviser for city officials, attends city meetings, and provides legal opinions to city department managers concerning legal issues. They also assist with tax issues and real estate transactions.

The City Attorney handles the day to day business for the City. Other lawyers may be contracted in major cases requiring specialized legal knowledge. Ultimately it is the City Attorney’s responsibility to make sure the City’s legal interests are protected.

The City Attorney does not prosecute crimes or infractions within City’s Municipal Court. These matters are handled by the City Solicitor.

City Attorney

Dan Lee is the City Attorney for Sandy Springs.

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