Sign Permits

When is a Sign Permit required?
If a proposed sign is not specifically exempted from permitting, per Section 8.3.4. of the Development Code, nor prohibited by Section 8.3.3., a Sign Permit is required.  Each individual sign on a property requires a separate Sign Permit Application.

Where can a sign be placed?
Signs may only be placed on private property. Signs are prohibited in the right-of-way (ROW) and on street corners, sidewalks, medians, utility poles, etc.

How large can a sign be?
The maximum square footage for a sign depends upon the type of sign. Refer to Section 8.3.9. of the Development Code for information regarding sign area allocation.

Can I install temporary and/or banner signs?
Yes, but the signs have specific regulations. All signs must be placed on private property.

What are the types of Sign Permits?

Applying for a Sign Permit

You can apply for a permit online at Build Sandy Springs. You can also submit construction drawings, pay invoices, request inspections, and view your current permit status at Build Sandy Springs.

You can also Schedule an Appointment via QLess to meet with one of our Permit Technicians or the Planner of the Day at City Hall for further assistance with your application.

Required Application Documents

Associated Documents

Required Construction Drawings for Permanent Signs

  • Cover Sheet and Sheet Index with the project address and a sheet list of all drawings submitted for plan review.
  • Site Plan Drawings
    • Boundaries of property and road names
    • All setbacks, buffers, and easements clearly labeled
    • Location of sign showing north arrow
    • Building and parking areas
    • For ground-mounted: Dimension of sign setback from right-of-way (ROW)
  • Architectural Drawings
    • Picture of existing building/suite façade with total linear feet of existing business frontage shown
    • Elevation rendering of proposed sign on existing building
    • Sign detail (front and side elevations with dimensions)
    • Sign materials and color 
  • Structural Drawings
    • For wall-mounted signs, include sign connection details to existing structural framing
    • For ground-mounted signs, include foundation plans with rebar and dimensions shown, framing plans, and connection details

Required Construction Drawings for Temporary Signs

  • Proposed sign design with dimensions
  • Photo of proposed sign location

Temporary Banners

Temporary Banners, including campaign and election signage, do not require a permit but must still meet the following regulations, per Section 8.3.4.H.:

  • Banners on New Buildings  
    • Banners are allowed on new buildings that are 3 stories in height or greater and are not located in a Protected Neighborhood district.
    • A banner is allowed one time for a period not to exceed 6 months.
    • The banner must be affixed to the building.
    • The banner may not exceed 120 square feet in total area.
    • The banner must be mounted so as not to extend above the line where the building wall and roof meet.
  • Banner Signs and most temporary signs require a Sign Permit and must meet the following regulations, per Section 8.3.18.C.:
    • The signs shall be restricted to a maximum area of 32 square feet per parcel.
    • When at grade level, the maximum sign height is five feet, and when placed on a building, a maximum height of 24 feet and cannot extend above the roofline.
    • Signs cannot encroach into the right-of-way or the easement of a private road.
    • Signs may be displayed on a same lot for a maximum of three, two-week (14 day) periods per calendar year.

Still have questions? 

Please review the Build Seminar on Designing Signs for Code Compliance from August 2022.

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