Roswell Road Access Management Plan

Plan Overview

The Roswell Road Access Management Plan builds upon the Roswell Road Small Area Plan, which established a vision for Roswell Road as a “boulevard” with safer access for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists. The Small Area Plan proposes several ideas to better manage access along Roswell Road, including new cross and parallel streets with redevelopment, installing medians, filling sidewalk gaps, and improving connectivity. The Roswell Road Access Management Plan, covering the area bounded by Dunwoody Place to the north and Sandy Springs city limit near Meadowbrook Drive, will advance these ideas to concepts by:

  • Completing a comprehensive analysis of safety deficiencies, inefficient turning movements, and other aspects of the street network and built environment that impede mobility and connectivity.
  • Identifying specific improvements for the benefit of motorists and non-motorists alike, such as medians, intersection treatments, and improved pedestrian crossings.

The final plan will include a phased list of projects, costs, and other implementation guidance for helping the City of Sandy Springs achieve its ultimate vision for the Roswell Road corridor. The implementation plan will identify both long-term improvements that will likely require more detailed analysis and design work as well as some short-term improvements.

Jan. 24, Virtual Public Meeting 


The City of Sandy Springs hosted a community meeting as it continues the process of identifying improvements to enhance the long-term safety of Roswell Road. The virtual meeting was held on Monday, Jan. 24. Due to current COVID-19 protocol, the meeting was virtual.

Public input will be accepted until Monday, Feb 7. To provide input, go to:

Provide Input Here


This meeting is the first of several public engagement opportunities planned as part of the Roswell Road Access Management Plan. The plan builds upon the “Next 10” Comprehensive Plan and Roswell Road Small Area Plan, which established a vision for Roswell Road as a “boulevard” with safer access for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Public input will be accepted until Monday, Feb. 7, 2022.  If you have any questions or concerns please email:  SafeRoswellRoad@sandyspringsga.gov.

Community input will be collected throughout the duration of the planning process:  

  • October/November 2021:  Stakeholder meetings
  • January/February 2022: First public meeting, interactive online mapping, stakeholder meetings, and presentation to Sandy Springs City Council
  • March/April 2022: Stakeholder meetings
  • July/August 2022: Public meeting and interactive online mapping
  • September/October 2022: Presentation to Sandy Springs City Council 


The Access Management Plan began in the summer of 2021 and is anticipated to conclude in early fall 2022. The first phase – through the end of 2021 – focuses on collection and analysis of data to identify safety and operational issues on Roswell Road. In early 2022, the project team will begin developing and evaluating a range of potential access management treatments for Roswell Road. During spring and summer of 2022, the team will evaluate and refine the potential treatments with City and stakeholder input. The analysis and evaluation will result in a series of concepts for projects that will help improve safety and better manage access along the corridor. 

The City and project team will be sharing information and meeting with stakeholders and community members throughout the duration of the planning process, providing information about the process and ways to get involved. Meetings and other touch points – both in-person and virtual – will serve as opportunities to hear community concerns, share best practices for access management, and seek feedback on proposed strategies. Several opportunities for stakeholder and public input are shown below.


Materials will be added throughout the planning process. Please check back for updates.

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For project-specific questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us. Questions may be directed to the City at SafeRoswellRoad@SandySpringsga.gov.


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