City of Sandy Springs

City Council Approves Development of Traffic Safety Action Plan

January 2, 2024

During its first meeting of 2024, the City Council approved a contract for $335,295 to develop the City’s Traffic Safety Action Plan as part of the Safe Roads and Streets for All (SS4A) grant program.

The program aims to set a goal of zero roadway deaths. Local governments around the country are implementing similar plans to target strategies to reduce severe crashes that cause serious injury or death.

The United States Department of Transportation awarded a grant to the City to develop a Safety Action Plan through the SS4A program, with a federal share of the grant at $360,000. The City is contributing $90,000.

The City intends this project to provide the foundation for expanding the ongoing safety program. The objectives include:

  • Develop a crash dataset and identify high crash locations from 2018-2022
  • Establish a safety framework and goals to achieve a reduction in fatal and injury crashes
  • Identify and enact strategies and projects to achieve safety targets

It is estimated that the study will take fifteen months.

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