Watch the Parade

Find a Spot on the Sidewalk

The parade is along Morgan Falls Road. It begins at Steel Canyon Golf Club, and ends at Morgan Falls Overlook Park. Step off is approx. 8:30 p.m. 

Get comfy! You can bring folding chairs & blankets to watch the parade. The parade fills up the entire road, so watchers should remain on the sidewalk. For your safety, please do not sit or climb on the retaining walls along the route. 

If you’d like to view the parade closer to Overlook Park, you can walk your stuff down and take the shuttle back to the parking lot at the end of the event. Learn more about Parking & the Shuttle 


Get the Cameras Ready

Keep your eyes peeled for these exciting figures in the parade: 

A flying pig lantern leads the Sandy Springs Lantern Parade

Photo by Steve Eberhardt

Sanderson and his Swoop of Flying Pigs! The idea for Sanderson came from Sandy Springs’ effort to incorporate back in 2005 when some believed that Sandy Springs would become a city “when pigs fly.”  (Sanderson puppet created by Chantelle Rytter) 


A trombone player plays music, as he marches in the Lantern Parade. His horn is covered in string lights.

Black Sheep Ensemble is a modern brass and percussion band from Atlanta, GA. Their performances are rooted in Second Line traditions but with a repertoire that blends Prohibition-era Swing, Jazz, Balkan, Latin, Ska, Punk and more into one danceable sound!


Two large bird puppets tower over guests at the Lantern Parade

Photo by Steve Eberhardt

Giant bird puppets! Pictured above are Indigo and Cornflower, Great Blue Herons who reside by the river year-round. (Puppets created by Chantelle Rytter)


Lanterns glowing in the Lantern Parade

Photo by Steve Eberhardt

Community Lanterns! Your friends and neighbors have created their own unique lanterns. Who knows what lanterns will surprise and amaze you! 



Farmers Market emblem in front of vegetables
City Event

Sandy Springs Farmers Market

Saturday, April 20
The Sandy Springs Farmers Market, located on the Green at City Springs, opens Saturday April 20, 2024, rain or shine, 8:30 a.m. - noon. Enjoy an open-air shopping environment with more than 50 vendors, offering fresh produce and artisan foods; many offer pre-orders.
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Juneteenth Celebration
City Event

Juneteenth Celebration

Wednesday, June 19
The Juneteenth Celebration will showcase a captivating performing arts show, a STEAM digital art gallery, educational activities, food trucks, and more!
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Lantern Parade: Take It to the River
Event Information

Lantern Parade: Take It to the River

Saturday, April 13
The Lantern Parade is an evening filled with fantastical puppets and glowing lanterns! Families bring handcrafted lanterns, celebrate as the sun sets, then parade together down to Morgan Falls Overlook Park, right next to the Chattahoochee River!  
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