Paws and Pastries

October 15, 2022    11:00am

Join us for our Third annual dog socialization event, Paws and Pastries! There will be dog treats, tennis balls, water, and pastries! (Dog Treats and Pastries will be served outside the dog park fence). Spending time at the park helps keep a dog’s socialization skills in tip-top form and can wear out a busy pup. We have two fenced-in areas, one for smaller pups and one for our larger dogs. Please bring your own dog bowl and water to minimize sharing between dogs. Pawty from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Pups and pet parents need to abide by very important dog park rules to keep their time safe at both ends of the leash. We can’t wait for this PAWESOME event!

Click here to view the Dog Park Rules


Venue: Morgan Falls River Park / Dog Park

Cost: $0.00