Development Regulations

The City regulates the use and development of land through a codified set of ordinances known as the Development Code and Technical Manual. These ordinances help the City regulate permitted uses, stormwater management, tree conservation, stream buffers, public facilities including roads, and more.

Development Code Update

Process Timeline

Diagram of the development code timeline. For more information, please email nsasidharan@sandyspringsga.gov

Important Dates at City Hall

September 19, Tuesday - City Council Work session
September 20, Wednesday - Planning Commission Work Session
September 26, Tuesday - Development Code Update Public Open House
November 13, Monday - Planning Commission Public Hearing
December 5, Tuesday - Mayor & City Council Public Hearing


Sandy Springs Development Code Update Public Information Open House to be Held on September 26

The City of Sandy Springs will hold a Public Information Open House to discuss proposed updates to the Development Code on Tuesday, September 26 at 6:00 PM at Sandy Springs City Hall, 1 Galambos Way, Sandy Springs, Ga. 

About the Development Code Update

The development code is a set of regulations that govern land use and the built environment within the city. It includes rules about building height, lot size, building setbacks, land uses, and the zones where they are most appropriate, and many other development characteristics.

The development code is updated periodically to reflect changes in the community and to ensure that it is consistent with the city's goals for growth and development. The subject major update is a critical component of the Community Work Program in The Next Ten, the City’s Comprehensive Plan, which called for a comprehensive review of the Development Code. The proposed modifications to the Development Code will be presented to the Planning Commission in November for its recommendation to the City Council. The City Council is expected to consider the proposed modifications in December.

Public Input

Public input is essential to the Development Code update process. By providing feedback, residents can help to ensure that the Development Code reflects their values and priorities.

There are several ways to provide feedback on the proposed Development Code modifications:

  • Attend the Public Information Open House on September 26.
  • Submit comments between Tuesday, September 26, and Friday, October 13, at spr.gs/development.
  • Attend the Planning Commission Meeting on Monday, November 13.
  • Attend the City Council Meeting on Tuesday, December 5.

Development Code Update Draft

Listed below are all the Development Code Update Draft documents. Please note that all these documents are drafts and will be subject to change based on public input.

CDCR Public Review Draft Administration: Articles 1, 11, 12

CDCR Public Review Draft Districts: Article 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

CDCR Public Review Draft Uses: Article 7

CDCR Public Review Draft Div. 7.2 Allowed Use Table

CDCR Public Review Draft Development Standards: Articles 8, 9, 10

CDCR Public Review Draft Enhanced Community Benefit List


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