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In Person Services

Permitting in-person services are available at City Hall Monday-Thursday by appointment only.

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Online Services

You can use Build Sandy Springs to apply for a building or utility permit online, submit construction drawings for City review, pay invoices, schedule inspections and search development records.

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Thursday Developer Meetings

To schedule please email: MFields@sandyspringsga.gov. Meetings are scheduled on a first come basis.

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The Permitting Process

Before work on a project begins, a permit must be obtained by the property owner or licensed trade professional responsible for the project.  

Also note that Georgia Code requires all dwellings to have smoke detectors installed. When alterations, repairs or additions requiring a permit occurs, smoke/CO alarms are required to be installed.  Please contact our Inspections department regarding questions on those requirements.

For a list of building codes currently being enforced in the State of Georgia (and the City of Sandy Springs), please visit the Construction Codes page on the Georgia Department of Community Affairs website

*Projects That DO NOT Require a  Permit!*
Projects that don’t require permitting are those that don’t involve a licensed trade or change the footprint of the property, and are mostly cosmetic upgrades such as:

  • Painting
  • Flooring (carpet, tile, hardwood installations)
  • Trim and baseboards
  • Wall mounting (decorative and entertainment such as flat screen televisions)
  • Doors and windows (when replaced within the original framework and not enlarged or altered)
  • External siding
  • Roof replacement (if only replacing shingles)
  • Gutters

If you are in doubt as to whether your project requires a permit, call 770-730-5600 and ask to speak with a Permit Technician.

Applying for a Permit

Build Sandy Springs is an online permit management system which enables builders to manage permit and inspection requests, including those working on multiple projects within the city. Builders are able request inspections, track the status of inspections, view permit fees and approved permits online. Registration is required for contractors to utilize the system to request and manage inspection requests.

The system also provides the general public the opportunity to view and check the status of permits, research building permit history, and view status of open code enforcement cases. The public can query projects by permit type, date, address, permit number or project name.  

The permitting and inspection process protects property owners and the public by verifying new construction and improvements to property are in compliance with State building codes.  For specific questions about permits and the process, please call our 24/7 Call Center at 770.730.5600.

Single Permits

If the project involves a single licensed trade, such as electrical, plumbing, or HVAC (mechanical) work , a single permit can be obtained.

Building Permits

If the project involves multiple licensed trades, then a Building Permit can be obtained which will cover all the licensed trades involved in the project. A building permit is also required for projects that involve structural work.

Residential Building Permit

Commercial Building Permit

Land Development and Specialty Permits

Certain projects require special permits instead of or in addition to building permits:

  • Demolition – Required for the demolition of free-standing buildings.
  • Fence – Required to install a new fence or gate or replace an existing fence on residential and commercial properties.
  • Plat Reviews – Required to build on previously undeveloped land or to split a single property into multiple lots.
  • Land Disturbance – Required for commercial projects that have an impact on surrounding properties.
  • Retaining Wall – Required for the addition or removal of a wall that prevents the earth behind it from eroding.
  • Signs - Required for the installation and display of signs.
  • Swimming Pool – Required to construct a below ground swimming pool. 
  • Temporary Structure Permits – Required to build a temporary structure, such as construction offices at a construction site. 
  • Tree Removal – Required to remove a tree.
  • Antenna – Required to erect a cell-network antenna or similar. For more information, contact the City's permit desk.
  • Blasting Permit - Required from the Fire Marshal’s Office in advance of doing any blasting.

Utility Permits and Construction Road Closure Requests - Required for construction work in the right-of-way which generally coincides with installation of fiber cable, water or sewer line. 


The City’s building inspectors verify the contractor’s or property owner’s work at each milestone of the project. These inspections ensure the state adopted building codes are being followed correctly. Once the project is complete, a final inspection is conducted.

Permit Desk Hours and Location

The construction permit desk is open for business from 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday-Friday. Payments for permitting services will be accepted until 4 p.m. The construction permit desk is located at the “Zoning and Permitting” entrance on the south side of City Hall.

Impact Fee Schedule

The City Council approved revision of the impact fee section of its Code of Ordinances during its Oct. 18, 2016 meeting of the City Council.  The amended code and new fee schedule are effective immediately with all permits filed as of Oct 19, 2016 under the approved and revised Code.  

Permit Fees

In Sandy Springs, the fees for construction permits are based on a number of factors. To find out how much the permit will cost, please view our Building and Development Fee Schedule. Our Permit Technicians can also assist you in calculating your permit fee.

During its January 17, 2017 meeting, the City Council approved a technology surcharge to defray the cost of technology and software necessary to provide online permitting activities.  Below is the fee scheduleClick here to refer to the Council agenda item.

Technology Surcharge 2018

 For fees related to zoning actions, visit the Planning & Zoning page of the City's website.  

Call Before You Dig

Want to avoid spending a day in the dark? It's as simple as 8-1-1.       

Call 811 a few days prior to digging, tell the operator where you're planning to dig, what type of work you will be doing, and your affected local utilities companies will be notified about your intent to dig. In a few days, they'll send a locator to mark the approximate location of your underground lines, pipes and cables, so you'll know what's below - and be able to dig safely.

Remember, always call 811 before you start any digging project! You'll avoid injury, expense, embarrassment - and a very inconvenient day in the dark.


How to Tell What Utility Company is Working Outside Your Home