Construction Permit Types

Online Services

You can use Build Sandy Springs to apply for a building or utility permit online, submit construction drawings for City review, pay invoices, schedule inspections, and search development records.

Meet with City Staff

Please Schedule an Appointment to meet with one of our Permit Technicians or the Planner of the Day.

Developer Meetings are held every Thursday and are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.  Please contact mfields@sandyspringsga.gov to schedule a time.  

Applying for a Permit

Build Sandy Springs is an online permit management system which enables builders to manage permit and inspection requests, including those working on multiple projects within the city. Builders are able request inspections, track the status of inspections, view permit fees and approved permits online. Registration is required for contractors to utilize the system to request and manage inspection requests.  You can also Schedule an Appointment via QLess to meet with one of our Permit Technicians at City Hall for further assistance with your application.

Projects that DO NOT Require a Permit

Projects that don’t require permitting are those that don’t involve a licensed trade or change the footprint of the property and are mostly cosmetic upgrades such as:

  • Painting
  • Flooring (carpet, tile, hardwood installations)
  • Trim and baseboards
  • Wall mounting (decorative and entertainment such as flat screen televisions)
  • Doors and windows when replaced within the original framework and not enlarged or altered
  • External siding
  • Roof replacement if only replacing shingles
  • Gutters

Construction Permits

If the project involves multiple licensed trades, then a Building Permit must be obtained which will cover all the licensed trades involved in the project. A building permit is also required for projects that involve structural work. Certain projects require special permits instead of or in addition to building permits:

Trade Permits

If the project involves a single licensed trade, such as mechanical (HVAC), electrical, or plumbing, a single permit can be obtained.  These permits can typically be issued within a single business day.

Specialty Permits