2021 Qualified Candidates

Dontaye Carter (date qualified 8-16-2021)
Rusty Paul (date qualified 8-17-2021)

District 1
John Paulson (date qualified 8-17-2021)
Megan Harris (date qualified 8-19-2021)

District 2
Melody Kelley (date qualified 8-16-2021)
Linda Trickey (date qualified 8-17-2021)

District 3
Eric Newberg (date qualified 8-16-2021)
Melissa Mular (date qualified 8-16-2021)
Leslie Mullis (date qualified 8-16-2021)

District 4
Vernon Graham (date qualified 8-16-2021)
Michelle Sullivan (date qualified 8-18-2021)
Jody Reichel  (date qualified 8-18-2021)
Tochie Blad (date qualified 8-20-2021)

District 5
Tibby DeJulio  (date qualified 8-18-2021)
Colin Hubbard (date qualified 8-20-2021)

District 6
Andy Bauman  (date qualified 8-18-2021)
Jeff Howe (date qualified 8-19-2021)

Three ladies wearing Cornhole ATL t-shirts and smiling
City Springs Event

Cornhole Leagues on the City Green

Thursday, June 13
The 7-week season on City Green starts June 13, features four different skill levels, and offers social, organized fun on selected Thursday evenings! There's even an end-of-season state "Cornament" with more than 50 leagues across the state. Join the fun - register by June 3!
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