Apartment Safety Checker


One of the biggest concerns when it comes to renting an apartment is safety.  Feeling safe in your own home is important to any renter.  There are a few steps you can take to help in your research.

  • View the neighborhood crime rate.  Using the Apartment Safety Checker tool, you can compare the criminal activity in your chosen area. 
  • Visit the area.  If possible, walk, drive, or take a bus through the area to see how safe it is.  If there is a particular route you would use to get to school or work, use that.  Consider the quality of the area both during the day and at night.
  • During your apartment tour,  look for secure entrances and exits; lighting around sidewalks, stairwells, hallways, mailboxes, laundry rooms and other common areas; and security features such as peepholes, deadbolt locks, and any on-site security. 

The Apartment Safety Checker Map, created in conjunction with Sandy Springs Police, provides the numbers on incidents reported within the individual apartment communities.  Included as part of the Apartment Safety Checker program are: Part One Crime (murder, rape robbery, aggravated assault, theft, motor vehicle theft, arson, narcotics offenses), as well as Disorderly Conduct and Loitering/Prowling.  Any unfounded reports of crime  are excluded from the totals. 

You can view these statistics on the Apartment Safety Checker Map or by linking to the individual complex listed below. You can also view a ranking of these complexes based on a crime-per-unit index 

Apartment Safety Tracker Map

Apartment communities are listed below:

1160 Hammond
0.0667 incidents filed per unit

0.0658 incidents filed per unit


Alexan North Station(new)
0 incidents filed per unit

Ansley Place
0.0411 incidents filed per unit

Atrium Chastain 
0.0094 incidents filed per unit

Avia at North Springs
(formerly Aspire Dunwoody)
0.0415 incidents filed per unit

Aspire Perimeter
0.0608 incidents filed per unit

Azalea Park
0.0515 incidents filed per unit

Balfour Chastain Park Village
0.0313 incidents filed per unit

0.0238 incidents filed per unit

Charleston Court
0.0289 incidents filed per unit

Chastain Terrace
0.0115 incidents filed per unit

Chateau Villa
0.0400 incidents filed per unit

Circa 400/Ecco 400
0.0609 incidents filed per unit

Citizen Perimeter
0.0293 incidents filed per unit

Mount Vernon Apartment Homes
(formerly Colonial Grand at Mt Vernon)

0 incidents filed per unit

Dunwoody Courtyards
0.0375 incidents filed per unit

Dunwoody Crossing
0.0377 incidents filed per unit

Dunwoody Pointe
0.0385 incidents filed per unit

Dunwoody Ridge
0.0165 incidents filed per unit

0.0461 incidents filed per unit

Flats at North Springs
0.0126 incidents filed per unit

0.0185 incidents filed per unit

Hanover Grand at Sandy Springs
0.0251 incidents filed per unit

Harbor Pointe
0.0328 incidents filed per unit

Hawthorne Gates at Dunwoody
0.0305 incidents filed per unit

Highland Circle
0.0977 incidents filed per unit

Highland Park
0.0213 incidents filed per unit

Highland Springs
0.0606 incidents filed per unit

IMT Sandy Springs (new)
0 incidents filed per unit

Indigo House
0.0333 incidents filed per unit

Lake Placid
0.1020 criminal charges filed per unit

Legacy Key
0.0371 incidents filed per unit

Marquis 789 
0.0167 incidents filed per unit

Modera Sandy Springs 
0 incidents filed per unit

Morgans Landing
0.0303 criminal charges filed per unit

Mount Vernon Flats at The Perimeter 
0.0313 incidents filed per unit

0.0354 incidents filed per unit

Northridge Vista (new)
0.0045 incidents filed per unit

One Sovereign Place
0.0465 incidents filed per unit

The Parc at Dunwoody
0.0737 incidents filed per unit

Parc at Perimeter
0.0302 incidents filed per unit

Park at Abernathy Square
0.0331 incidents filed per unit

Park Terrace
0.0392 incidents filed per unit

Peachtree Dunwoody Place
0.0185 incidents filed per unit

Perimeter 5550
0.0061 incidents filed per unit

Perimeter Circle
0.0412 incidents filed per unit

Princess Louise
incidents filed per unit

Radius Sandy Springs 
(formerly The Legends at Dunwoody
0.0508 incidents filed per unit

River Vista
0.0306 incidents filed per unit

Sierra Creek
0.0964 incidents filed per unit

Sierra Place
0.0769 incidents filed per unit

Square One 
0.0246 incidents filed per unit


Southern Trace
0.0083 incidents filed per unit

Spalding Bridge
0.0469 incidents filed per unit

1000 Spalding
0.0198 incidents filed per unit

The Adair
0.0345 incidents filed per unit

The Addison at Sandy Springs
0.0297 incidents filed per unit

The Carlyle Of Sandy Springs
0.0464 incidents filed per unit

The Cascade/The Fountains at Morgan Falls
0.0203 incidents filed per unit

The Celebration at Sandy Springs
0.0360 incidents filed per unit

The Cliftwood 
0.0040 incidents filed per unit

The Collection 
0.0046 incidents filed per unit

The Falls at Sandy Springs
0.0712 incidents filed per unit

The Legends at Dunwoody
0.0376 incidents filed per unit

The Lodge On The Chattahoochee
0.0128 incidents filed per unit

The Marquis at Perimeter Center
0.0490 incidents filed per unit

The Mosaic at Sandy Springs
0.1052 incidents filed per unit

The Pointe at Canyon Ridge
0.0629 incidents filed per unit

The Preserve at Dunwoody
0.0081 incidents filed per unit

The Reserve at Ridgewood
0.0149 incidents filed per unit

The Residences at Sandy Springs (new)
0 incidents filed per unit

The Retreat at River Park 
0.0045 incidents filed per unit

The Stratford
0.0074 incidents filed per unit

Veridian at Sandy Springs
0.0294 incidents filed per unit

Waterford Place
0.0167 incidents filed per unit

Waters Edge Apartments
0.0529 incidents filed per unit

Wesley St James
0.0317 incidents filed per unit

Windsor at Glenridge
0.0828 incidents filed per unit

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