2020 Census

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Sandy Springs-What We Can Do Depends On You

Your completed Census improves our community.

Respond today to make sure Sandy Springs continues to receive its fair share of federal funds.

Federal funds are distributed to Sandy Springs based on the number of our residents who complete the Census. These dollars are utilized to improve your quality of life by funding and subsidizing programs such as: City parks, sidewalks, free and reduced school lunches, walking trails, green space, play areas and road improvements. 

What to Expect

You will receive a census reminder in the mail. You can complete your census online, via telephone or you can request paper copy if you prefer to mail in your answers. The census only asks nine questions that are easy to complete.

To respond, go to https://my2020census.gov/


The address on your census form or advance letter may not list the city name or ZIP code you identify with or are used to seeing on your mail. This is a result of a measure that streamlines how the forms are sorted and delivered to you by the U.S. Postal Service. It will NOT affect which city, town or block your household’s responses will be assigned to when the 2020 Census results are tabulated.

The actual location of your address has been verified for accuracy. The 12-digit identification number on the form links back to census master addresses and the correct geographic location for each household.

Since 2019, the City has been working with the Census on updating and verify addresses in the city including new commercial and residential developments.


Responses from the 2020 Census are tabulated using these geocode assignments for each household, not the "postal city" name in the mailing address assigned to the household. Therefore, each census tract, voting district, school district, tribal area, county, municipality, and other geographic area receives accurate results from the census.

In addition, the Census Bureau provided tribal, state, and local governments an opportunity to review and provide feedback on the address list we developed for their community through the 2020 Local Update of Census Addresses, or LUCA Program. Participating tribal, state, and local officials verified that the Census Bureau accurately coded each address on the list to the correct and authoritative geographic codes, regardless of the “postal city” name used by the USPS for delivering mail.




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