Places to Fish

Many anglers enjoy fishing the Chattahoochee  River in Sandy Springs. The fishing piers located at Morgan Falls Overlook Park and Morgan Falls Dam are the perfect place to relax with a fishing pole.  Bank fishing is available along the trails at the Island Ford National Recreation Area, which is also a great place to put on a pair of waders and access the river for fly fishing. Prefer to boat fish? There are three boat ramps to access the Sandy Springs section of the Chattahoochee River.

Chattahoochee River Fishing Boat Access

The historic Morgan Falls Dam breaks the Sandy Springs Chattahoochee River into two sections. The stretch of river above the dam is known as Bull Sluice Lake and is slow moving with a number of backwaters, peninsulars and islands. The stretch of the river below the dam is faster moving, but still suitable for fishing boats.

Fishing Boat Access Above the Dam
The upper stretch of the Chattahoochee River can be accessed from a boat ramp in Roswell’s Azalea Park.

Fishing Boat Access Below the Dam
The lower stretch of the Chattahoochee River can be accessed from a boat ramp just below Morgan Falls Dam, and further downriver at a boat ramp on the north side of the Johnson Ferry Road bridge.

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Fishing Licenses

To fish in public waterways in Georgia, a Georgia Fishing License is required.

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