National Kids to Parks Day

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Each year, Sandy Springs and other cities across the nation commit to a simple motto: "Active kids are healthy kids," and National Kids to Parks Day encourages residents to use local parks and recreation sites to develop more active, healthy lifestyles. National Kids to Parks Day typically occurs on the third Saturday in May.

Celebrate Parks to Kids Day!

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the National Park Trust’s Kids to Parks Day during the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a unique twist this year. While many families are sheltering in place and not visiting their local parks, this year’s initiative is encouraging families to help bring what they love most about the parks to their homes with Parks to Kids Day.

We are celebrating this year’s Parks to Kids Day as a multi-day event beginning on Tuesday, May 12 and culminating on Saturday, May 16.

Below are at-home activities and distance learning opportunities to help bring the outdoors and parks to you:

Buddy Bison's Backyard Bingo

Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Buddy Bison's Animals of National Parks Crossword

Buddy Bison Park Diorama

Learning About The Food Web

National Park Coloring Sheets

Design a Nature Collage

Examine Nature at Home

Listening to Nature

Leaf or Bark Rubbing

Buddy Bison Comic Strip

Buddy Bison Coloring Sheet


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