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Sandy Springs Lantern Parade - Take it to the River


Many thanks to everyone who joined us for the 4th Annual Sandy Springs Lantern Parade. Stayed tuned for more information on when we'll be taking it back to the river in 2020!



2020 Lantern Parade Date & Time: June



PARADE START: Steel Canyon Golf Club
PARADE END: Morgan Falls Overlook Park



Parade Participation: FREE



The Sandy Spring Lantern Parade is a free event held on a Saturday evening each June. Participants stroll together with brightly-colored and lighted globes, parasols, hats and whimsical creatures, paying tribute to the Chattahoochee River and the community on its borders. The lantern parade starts at Steel Canyon Golf Club, with participants walking to Morgan Falls Overlook Park, a beautiful and intimate riverside park that is one of Sandy Springs most popular attractions.  As walkers arrive at the park, the river is transformed into a breathtaking sight with whimsical and beautifully-lit floating lanterns escorted by paddlers from High Country Outfitters. Floating lanterns include Sandy the Mama Turtle; Jeremiah the Bullfrog and his Lilies; Georgia Kissyfish; and Alice, the 25-ft. Albino Alligator.

 LANTERN WORKSHOPS - Workshop dates will be announced closer to the 2020 lantern parade. 


lantern ideas and workshop galleries for inspiration!
Note: All lanterns are lit with battery-operated LED’s (no live flames permitted).  The lanterns are carried on sticks, not released.



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