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Alarm Registration

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Alarm Ordinance in Sandy Springs

Of the nearly 12,000 alarm calls received from monitored alarm systems in 2015, 97% of those were found to be false alarms, a statistic that is consistent across the county.  The high percentage of false alarms results in a financial cost to the public and threat to public safety by the unnecessary diversion of public safety resources.  

The main intent of the False Alarm Ordinance is to hold alarm-monitoring companies and their customers more accountable for false alarms, reducing the number of unnecessary police and fire responses.  Included in the Ordinance:

  • Alarm Companies working with customers located within the City of Sandy Springs must be registered with the City.  In addition, the Alarm Company must complete an alarm permit registration application for each of its customers.
  • In keeping with State of Georgia law, Enhanced Verification is required. An alarm can be verified by visual or audible confirmation, private security or eyewitnesses, or telephone verification using the two resources provided by the alarm company’s customer. Alarm companies are required to maintain a record of all calls to the 911 center including the date, time of the call, location of the alarm and the name, address and phone number of the alarm user.

Failure to comply with the law, including incidents of false alarms, will result in penalties assessed to the alarm company. These fees can be passed on from alarm company to its customers.

Alarm Registration

CryWolf Services, Inc. is the alarm administrator for the City of Sandy Springs. To register an alarm company or any of its customers, the alarm company should call 1-855-725-7101.

Alarm companies are billed directly for all false alarm fees.  The fee structure is not designed to generate a profit for the city, but to recover the costs of public safety dispatch and response.

Calls canceled by the alarm company prior to dispatch are not billed.

Alarm companies are required to use Enhanced Call Verification prior to requesting dispatch. 



Fines for false alarms are assessed to the alarm company, not the individual alarm user. The following are the false alarm and administrative assessments:

False Alarms

1 False Alarm


2-3 False Alarms

$250.00 per occurrence

4+ False Alarms

$500.00 per occurrence


Administrative Fines

Failure to register alarm company and/or provide the City with a list of all current alarms in operation within city limits


Failure to notify City prior to putting an alarm in operation


Failure to timely notify alarm administrator of changes to list of alarm users


Failure to verify activated intrusion alarm


Failure to provide dispatch w/ permit number


Failure to maintain or present records


Installation of non-recessed holdup alarm button





Alarm companies may appeal an assessment of a false alarm fine or permit suspension to the Alarm Administrator by submitting in writing the reasons for the appeal within ten (10) days of the date of the notice sent.  Appeals should be sent to: or mailed to: PO Box 102117, Atlanta, GA 30368-2117.  

Please include alarm company name and permit number, the alarm customer’s name and permit number, alarm location, date of the false alarm, reasons for the appeal, and any supporting evidence.

Alarm users assessed fines by their alarm company should appeal that fine to the alarm company.  It is suggested that the alarm user check with the alarm company regarding false alarm policies, including a non-payment policy, pending an appeal of a false alarm. 


Preventing False Alarms

Preventing false alarms is a shared responsibility between the alarm company and its customers.  The City encourages customers to work with their alarm company to ensure that equipment is well maintained and that all users within a home or business know how to properly operate the alarm system. Additional considerations:

  • Install reliable alarm equipment and make sure it is properly serviced and maintained.
  • Make sure you and those who will activate the alarm are properly educated on the system’s operation from your alarm company.
  • In determining the two contacts required by the State of Georgia for Enhanced Verified Response, consider carefully those contacts – who is the best person to help your alarm company determine if an activation merits a police response.
  • If you do set your alarm off accidentally, disarm your system as soon as possible and give your alarm monitoring station the necessary password and ID number to have the 9-1-1 call canceled.
  • When a false alarm occurs, identify the cause:
    • Door or window left open/unsecured
    • Air conditioner or heater, moving blinds, doors, etc
    • Janitor/cleaning crew
    • Pets
    • Alarm not set properly



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