Firefighter Appearances and Fire-Safety Training

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Fire-Safety Training for Adults

The Community Affairs Office is available to make presentations to citizen groups, community associations, civic organizations, youth or senior groups, etc. on fire and life safety topics.  These informal sessions can cover a variety of topics including: smoke detectors, cooking fire safety, severe weather safety, fire escape planning, or a combination of subjects.

Fire-Safety Education for Children

Educational programs are available to schools, religious groups and social clubs in Sandy Springs.

The following programs are designed for elementary school aged children and are perfect for teaching them valuable safety lessons.

  • Friendly Firefighter  - Sandy Springs firefighters don their personal protective equipment and teach children how each item is used. The firefighter assures the children that even though they look different, they are still friends who help.
  • Fire truck tours - Our firefighters show children a fire truck and the equipment that is used on a daily basis. Children learn how firefighters help people.
  • Career day presentations - We explain to children what they do during a normal day at the fire station. Children learn what it is like to be a firefighter, as well as how firefighters help people in the Sandy Springs Community.
  • Fire safety education - Our firefighters teach children how to prevent fires and what to do in case a fire does occur. Topics include: matches and lighters, stop,drop and roll, kitchen safety, hot/dangerous items in the home, crawling low under smoke, meeting places, smoke detectors, first aid and more.

For more information contact the Community Affairs Officer Reginald McClendon at 770-206-2047

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