Fire Corps (SSFC)

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The Sandy Springs Fire Corps (SSFC) is the volunteer unit of the Sandy Springs Fire Department (SSFD) and is an extension of SSFD’s Community Affairs Section.  It is staffed by qualified residents of Sandy Springs who have volunteered to serve their community specifically through support of SSFD.

Fire Corp (FC) members are recruited from the ranks of Citizens Fire Academy (CFA) graduates.  They are required to be Sandy Springs residents, at least 18 years of age, and pass a background check.

FC members perform several non-firefighting roles, such as:

Respond as Requested by SSFD Command -

This includes response to Working Incidents, EOC (Emergency Operations Center)/Severe Weather Standbys, other emergencies and details.

Firefighter Rehab -

Provide Rehab for firefighters at Working Incidents and Training.  Fire Corps members are trained to provide firefighters with Rehab support designed to help mitigate the physiological stresses of heat/smoke exposure, extreme physical exertion, and weather.

Basic Life Support (BLS) Backup -

Provide BLS aid to firefighters and/or civilians on scene who have suffered injury or medical emergency when EMS is unavailable or otherwise occupied.  Several FC members have thus far become nationally certified Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs), including a few members who have gone on to become Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), to provide this support.

FC  EMR/EMT Response -

To extend the capability of SSFD,FC EMR’s/EMT’s respond to emergency medical calls with Firefighter Paramedic/EMT crews both to assist with patient care and gain valuable field experience.

Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Services -

Maintain and transport a supply of full, reserve air cylinders (used in firefighter SCBAs) to Working Incidents and Training.  The FC exchanges full air cylinders for used air cylinders on scene, decontaminates and refills used cylinders, and replenishes the supply for the next need. 

Support SSFD Training -

Provide support as requested by the SSFD Training Section at various firefighter training exercises.  This support typically involved Firefighter Rehab and/or SCBA Services.

Support Civilian Fire Drills -

Assist SSFD Community Affairs and SSFD Fire Marshals in conducting fire drills at high occupancy buildings across the city.  This assistance typically involves observation of evacuee traffic flowing down stairwells and noting unsafe practices, and/or conducting floor sweeps to verify evacuation after building Floor Wardens have “cleared" the floors. 

Instruct CPR/AED Classes -

Assist SSFD Community Affairs in providing CPR/AED training for citizens, businesses, schools, and community groups across the city.

Support Community Events -

Provide support at a variety of community events throughout the year (e.g. City Green Concerts, Lantern Parade, Sandy Springs Festival, etc.) as requested by SSFD Community Affairs.  This support typically involves providing an EMR/EMT presence and event safety.

Support the Citizens Fire Academy (CFA) -

Assist SSFD conduct CFA classes/training sessions as requested.

Fire Corps Truck and Air & Light Trailer -

The Fire Corps operates 2 SSFD vehicles in order to deliver the services mentioned.  This includes a dedicated supply/utility truck and an Air & Light Trailer, which provides mobile power generation and equipment/supplies for SCBA Services.    

SSFC Training -

Members are offered training (conducted by SSFD and/or the FC internal Training Section) on a variety of subjects throughout the year and are expected to participate as much as possible.  Participation in at least 24 Training hours per year is required. 

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