Hurricane Irma

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Storm Update: Clean up Continues 

Georgia Power crews continue with restoration efforts around the metro area.
If you observe downed power lines contact Georgia Power at 1-888-891-0938or call 911.  If power lines are sagging overhead, do not walk/drive underneath. 
Georgia Power outage and restoration information page:   Customers can report further outages and check the status of existing outage 24 hours a day by contacting Georgia Power at 888-891-0938.


For reporting issues:

Please contact the Call Center at 770.730.5600 or 911 to report down trees. To report power outages, please contact GA Power

City Map (to view active reports of trees down etc)

Residents should also remember that there are widespread power outages throughout the state due to Irma and to expect delays in power system repairs.  

Restoration Status Report (as of 9/15 @ 7 p.m.)

The list of identified trouble areas and current status (subject to change) 

Closed Roads
65 Barbara Lane is still closed due to trees on power lines

Debris Collection and Removal

Assigned to Contractor

·         8300 Hewlett Road

·         Northridge crossing Drive & Colquitt Road

·         Lake Forest at Chevaux

·         4750 Northside Drive

·         235 Dalrymple(New)

·         6768 Brandon mill

·         5790 Riverside Drive

·         4975 Park Ave

·         Mt Vernon Hwy & Long island Drive

·         8773 Dunwoody Place

·         635 Mt. Vernon Hwy

·         9400 Roberts Dr


Tree Contractor

·         550 Mt Paran 36”

·         6015 Riverside Drive 60”-Richmond

·         6270 Riverside Drive 48”-Richmond

·         4960 High Point Road- Don

·         4825 High Point Road-Don

·         7104 Duncourtney-Don

·         Mount Vernon Rd & Stables Dr(Redbourne)-Odd Jobs

·         Mount Vernon & Spalding-Odd Job

Completed & cleaned

  • 7169 Riverside Drive
  • 5510 Benton Woods Drive
  • 4130 Spalding Drive
  • 2300 Spalding Drive
  • 225 River North Drive
  • 65 River Park
  • 5164 Powers Ferry Road
  • 550 Mount Vernon Hwy off Glen Errol Rd
  • 545 Forest Hills Drive
  • 5065 S Trimble Road
  • 9875 Trace Valley
  • 8940 Huntcliff Trace
  • 4872 Northland Drive
  • 9030 River Run
  • Dunwoody Place @Roswell Road
  • 550 Forest Hills 
  • 315 Montevallo – Crews working to clear(Location #2 on 9/14)
  • 215 Brackenwood Circle
  •  6053 Heards Drive- Richmond Trees
  •  Colquitt Road, north of pitts


After the Storm - Food Safety

Click here to find out what foods you can keep or toss once your power is restored. 

A few safety reminders:

  • Please DO NOT attempt to remove downed trees/branches which have power lines in or around the site.  It poses a life-safety issue.
  • Never touch any downed wire or low hanging wires – it can kill.
  • Do not drive/walk under sagging wires as these are not safe.
  • Don’t try to make your own electrical repairs to GA Power Equipment
  • Don’t connect portable generators to your household electrical wiring. Connect only essential appliances – refrigerators/freezers. 
  • SLOW DOWN when driving. There are many unexpected obstacles including barricades and work crews.
  • Obey road closures - they are there for your safety
  • Be Patient – Irma was a statewide storm affecting many people over a wide expanse of territory.   Emergency crews are working as quickly as possible to get everyone’s power restored and street cleared.   

5315 Peachtree Dunwoody Road 
5315 Peachtree Dunwoody Road 

Between 285 and Lake Forrest ITP 
Between 285 and Lake Forrest ITP 
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