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Honest, Efficient
and Responsive are the guiding principles integrated within the City’s core operations. The city of Sandy Springs is a trailblazer in government structure and function. Rather than hire hundreds of government employees, the City utilizes a Public-Private Partnership model, resulting in the state’s lowest per capita ratio of municipal employees to residents.

In addition to public safety personnel – police and fire – only eight others are “city” employees: City Manager, two Assistant City Managers, City Clerk, City Manager’s Executive Assistant, Finance Director, Court Administrator, and Human Resources Director.

General City Services: Public Works, Community Development (Planning & Zoning and Code Enforcement), IT, Finance, Courts, Communications, Recreation and Parks, Economic Development and Call Center operations are carried out with the help of private contractors. This business model fosters a proactive, responsive and efficient approach to providing city services.

In addition, the City employs collaborative partnerships to assist with the provision of safety response services. Sandy Springs retains a Public-Private partnership with Rural Metro Ambulance Service, guaranteeing its residents emergency response times less than eight minutes.

Response was also a driver in determining the City’s choice for delivery of 9-1-1 call services. In partnership with the city of Johns Creek, Sandy Springs created the Chattahoochee River 9-1-1 Authority (ChatComm) in 2009. The two primary performance requirements are call answer time and call processing time. ChatComm is managed by iXP in a public-private partnership, answering 90 percent of 9-1-1 calls within 10 seconds and processing 90 percent of those calls for dispatch within 60 seconds. In addition, the cities of Dunwoody and Brookhaven are today subscribers of ChatComm services.

For residents who live within the city and those who commute to Sandy Springs daily for business, the PPP model shows itself as responsive, efficient service delivery. The model also has shown to provide the city with lower costs, higher performance and greater degree of accountability.

Awards and Honors Received by the City 

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