October 02, 2012

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Regular Meeting

City Council

Eva Galambos Mayor

John Paulson District 1

Dianne Fries District 2

Chip Collins District 3

Gabriel Sterling District 4

Tibby DeJulio District 5

Karen Meinzen McEnerny District 6

Reverend Chris Lemley, Holy Innocents Episcopal Church

Call to Order

Mayor Eva Galambos

Roll Call and General Announcements

Pledge of Allegiance

Mayor Eva Galambos

Approval of Meeting Agenda (Agenda Item No. 12-236)

Consent Agenda

(Agenda Item No. 12-237)
1. Meeting Minutes:
a) September 18, 2012 Regular Meeting
b) September 18, 2012 Work Session
(Michael Casey, City Clerk)

(Agenda Item No. 12-238 )
2. Consideration of the Acceptance of the Agreement to Purchase Right of Way (1170 Hightower Trail)
(Kevin Walter, Director of Public Works)


(none at this time)

Public Hearings

Community Development

(Agenda Item No. 12-239 )
1. Resolution for the Adoption of Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) for the 2011 CDBG Program
(Presented by Manager of Planning and Zoning, Patrice Dickerson)

(Invitation for Public Comment)

(Agenda Item No. 12-240 )
2. RC-12-01SS - 1715 Brandon Hall Drive, Applicant: Rick Mentzer, The owner of the property proposes the construction of a swimming pool at the existing residence
(Presented by Manager of Planning and Zoning, Patrice Dickerson)

(Invitation for Public Comment)

Unfinished Business

(Agenda Item No. 12-241 )
1. Consideration of Renewal of Agreement for the Gas South Municipal Alliance Program
(Presented by Assistant City Manager, Eden Freeman)

New Business

(Agenda Item No. 12-242 )
1. Amendment to Chapter 58 of the City of Sandy Springs Code of Ordinances (“Code”) to create a new Article IV, regulating vehicle immobilization services and operators operating within the City of Sandy Springs (the “City”); and resolution setting fees for vehicle immobilization services and operators
(Presented by City Attorney, Wendell Willard)

(Agenda Item No. 12-243 )
2. Consideration of the Extension of the Atlanta Grand Bohemian Hotel Land Disturbance Permit under Chapter 103, Article 6, Section 103-27(b)(4) Development Regulations Ordinance of the Code of the City of Sandy Springs
(Presented by Manager of Planning and Zoning, Patrice Dickerson)

(Agenda Item No. 12-244 )
3. Consideration of Approval of a Design Contract Amendment for Atkins Engineering for the Abernathy Greenway
(Presented by Director of Recreation and Parks, Ronnie Young)

(Agenda Item No. 12-245 )
4. Consideration of Issuance of a Task Order for the Economic Development Manager Position
(Presented by City Manager, John McDonough)

(Agenda Item No. 12-246 )
5. A Resolution of Support of the I-285 at Georgia 400 Interchange as the Top Priority Project of Regional Significance
(Presented by Mayor, Eva Galambos)

Reports and Presentations

1. Mayor and Council Reports

a) Nomination to Sandy Springs Development Authority – Mayor Galambos

2. Staff Reports

a) July and August Financial Reports – Finance Director
b) Update on Investment Policy – Finance Director
c) Review of Pavement Condition Map - Associated Documents

Public Comment

Executive Session

(Agenda Item No. 12-247)
Real Estate

Adjournment (Agenda Item No. 12-248)

Summary Minutes

Approved Minutes

Amendment to Chapter 58

Work Session

Staff Discussion Items

City Clerk

1. Consideration of the Proposed 2013 City Council Meeting Schedule

Public Works

2. Presentation on T-0039 Spalding Drive/Mt. Vernon Road Intersection Improvement

3. Discussion on Johnson Ferry and Abernathy Road Corridor Initiatives

City Attorney

4. Utility Relocation on Morgan Falls Road

Council Discussion Items

(none at this time) 

Approved Minutes





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