June 15, 2010

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Regular Meeting


City Council

Eva Galambos Mayor

John Paulson District 1

Dianne Fries District 2

Chip Collins District 3

Ashley Jenkins District 4

Tibby DeJulio District 5

Karen Meinzen McEnerny District 6

Rabbi Ari Lorge, Temple Sinai

Call to Order

Mayor Eva Galambos

Roll Call and General Announcements

Pledge of Allegiance

Mayor Eva Galambos

Approval of Meeting Agenda (Agenda Item No. 10-137)

Consent Agenda
(Agenda Item No. 10-138)
AM09-008 - 5430 Glenridge Drive, Applicant: Joseph Boveri, To delete conditions 3.h. and 3.i., regarding signage
(Nancy Leathers, Director of Community Development)

(Agenda Item No. 10-139)
AM10-001 - 6520 Roswell Road (SR 9), Applicant: Cynthia A. Carson, To modify the Z67¬161 conditions of approval as recommended by the Fulton County Planning Board, specifically conditions #2 and #3 regarding letters of intent related to perimeter fencing
(Nancy Leathers, Director of Community Development)

(Agenda Item No. 10-140)
AM10-003 - 515 Redding View Court, Applicant: Phil and Debbie Rubin, To modify the condition 3.a. of Z96-120 by reducing the required thirty (30) foot minimum rear yard setback for the construction of an addition to a single-family home
(Nancy Leathers, Director of Community Development)

(Agenda Item No. 10-141)
AM10-004 - 90 Johnson Ferry Road, Applicant: Maria D. Powell, To delete condition 4.d. of Z86-0090 restricting signage on the property
(Nancy Leathers, Director of Community Development)

(Agenda Item No. 10-142)
AM10-005 - 6450 Barfield Road, Applicant: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, To delete condition 2, the overall concept plan in the original letter of intent of U80¬0063 and M87-0020 by reference to the new site plan submitted to the Department of Community Development on May 10, 2010 to allow for the relocation of the residential building one hundred thirty (130) feet to the south
(Nancy Leathers, Director of Community Development)

(Agenda Item No. 10-143)
AM10-006 - 3880 Spalding Drive, Applicant: Justin McKinney, To modify the condition 1.f. of Z82-146 by reducing the required fifty (50) foot minimum setback from the right-of-way of Spalding Drive for a storage shed
(Nancy Leathers, Director of Community Development)

(Agenda Item No. 10-144)
To amend Chapter 103, Article IV - Definitions, Section 103-16 to define "Permit" and also to amend Chapter 103, Article VI - Permits Required for Development or Construction, Section 103-26, to amend the current language to clearly state the requirements for posting a permit and construction noise ordinance requirements, and also to amend Chapter 103, Article VI, Section 103-27.
(Nancy Leathers, Director of Community Development)

(Agenda Item No. 10-145)
An Ordinance to create and adopt a new Article VIII on Limousines in Chapter 26 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Sandy Springs
(Wendell Willard, City Attorney)

(Agenda Item No. 10-146)
An Ordinance to amend Chapter 6, Article I, Section 6-8 so as to exempt those retail establishments licensed to sell wine for consumption on the premises where the establishment chooses to adopt a policy which allows any person dining at the establishment to bring an unopened bottle of wine into the establishment for consumption
(Wendell Willard, City Attorney)

(Agenda Item No. 10-147)
An Ordinance to strike existing Article VII on Taxicabs, Chapter 26 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Sandy Springs and replace with a revised Article VII on Taxicabs
(Wendell Willard, City Attorney)

ASCE 2010 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award – David Chastant

Public Hearings

(Agenda Item No. 10-148)
To receive public comment pertaining to the Fiscal Year 2011 budget.
Consideration of approval of an ordinance adopting a budget for the Fiscal Year 2011 for each fund of the City of Sandy Springs, Georgia, pursuant to Article V, Chapter 5 of the Charter of the City, beginning July 1, 2010, and ending June 30, 2011, appropriating the amounts shown in each budget as expenditures, adopting the item of anticipated funding sources, prohibiting expenditures to exceed appropriations, and prohibiting expenditures from exceeding actual funding sources
(Presented by City Manager, John McDonough)

(Agenda Item No. 10-149)
RZ09-013/CV09-021 - 216 East Belle Isle Road, Applicant: Ted Schobert, DVM, To rezone the subject property from C-2 (Commercial District) conditional to C-2 (Commercial District) conditional, with concurrent variance(s), to continue the Veterinary Clinic use and to allow additional uses under C-2 that would require 12 parking spaces or less
(Presented by Director of Community Development, Nancy Leathers)
(Invitation for Public Comment)

(Agenda Item No. 10-150)
RZ10-003 - 465, 475, 485, 490, 500 Tanacrest Drive, Applicant: City of Sandy Springs, To rezone the subject properties from R-2 & R-3 (Single-family Dwelling Districts) to R-3 (Single-family Dwelling District)
(Presented by Director of Community Development, Nancy Leathers)

Zoning Modifications
(Agenda Item No. 10-151)
ZM10-004/CV10-005 - 7000 & 9000 Central Parkway, Applicant: JMC-IV Real Estate Company, To modify the conditions of petition Z88-032/U88-020/U88-021/U88-022/U88-023, including the approved site plan, with concurrent variances
(Presented by Director of Community Development, Nancy Leathers)

Unfinished Business

(none at this time)

New Business
(Agenda Item No. 10-152)
Budget Amendment for 2010 Budget
(Presented by Finance Director, Amy Davis)

(Agenda Item No. 10-153)
Amendment to Services Agreement between City of Sandy Springs and CH2M HILL, Inc.
(Presented by City Attorney, Wendell Willard)

(Agenda Item No. 10-154)
Consideration of Approval of a contract to construct the Johnson Ferry Road Streetscapes Project (T-0009) Subject to Validation and Approval by the Legal and Finance Departments
(Presented by Director of Public Works, Tom Black)

Reports and Presentations
Mayor and Council Reports

Staff Reports

Executive Session

(Agenda Item No. 10-155)

Adjournment (Agenda Item No. 10-156)

Action Minutes 

Approved Minutes   

Work Session


Staff Discussion Items

Thomas Black, Director of Public Works
Recommendation on FY 2011 Capital Sidewalk Program

Ronnie Young, Director of Recreation and Parks
Proposed Rules for Overlook Park

Council Discussion Items

(none at this time)

Approved Minutes 




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