Understanding Local Taxes


New Sales Tax April 1, 2017

Residents of Fulton County (outside the city limits of Atlanta) voted in support of the T-SPLOST Referendum in November 2016.  As a result, the total Fulton County sales tax rate outside the City of Atlanta will change from 7 percent to 7.75 percent beginning April 1, 2017 when collection of the Fulton TSPLOST begins.

How your tax dollar is divided

In Fulton County, the Tax Commissioner takes the appraised value and the exemption status provided by the Board of Tax Assessors, along with the millage rates set by the Board of Commissioners and other Governing Authorities, to calculate taxes for each property.

The City's Charter mandates that the millage rate - the tax portion charged by the city (4.731), cannot be changed without a referendum (vote) by the citizens of the city. A portion of your property and vehicle taxes stays within the City of Sandy Springs. The remainder is distributed to Fulton County, Fulton County Schools and the State of Georgia.  

The City prides itself on maximizing your tax dollars by providing outstanding public safety services with nationally acclaimed police and fire departments, responsive emergency call center and EMS services, coupled with best practices in areas that touch residents' lives everyday -  community appearance, recreation and parks, road and sidewalk projects, traffic management and storm water management.  


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