FY 2011


The Mayor and City Council have passed the final Budget for Fiscal Year 2011.
Click to view the Fiscal Year 2011 Approved Budget Book

Budget Presentations

To prepare for fiscal year 2011, the Mayor, City Council and staff of Sandy Springs reviewed the various areas of need. The following presentations have been reviewed:


FY2011 Budget Calendar

March–April 2010

Departmental Budget Hearings/Finance Review Phase

April–May 2010

Senior Management/Mayor Review Phase

May 4, 2010

Budget Workshop #1

May 11, 2010

Budget Workshop #2

May 25, 2010

City Council Budget Presentation (Proposed Budget)

Other Meetings

1st Public/Millage Rate Hearing & Budget Workshop

2nd Public/Millage Rate Hearing & Budget Workshop

Final Public Hearing & Adoption, City Council

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