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Item IDItem TitleTypeDate
19-397North End Revitalization ZoneStaff Discussion Item11/27/2019 10:08 am
PFA19-37CALL TO ORDER - Chairperson Rusty PaulMeeting Item11/27/2019 11:12 am
PFA19-38ROLL CALL - Secretary Coty ThigpenMeeting Item11/27/2019 11:13 am
PFA19-39APPROVAL OF MEETING AGENDAMeeting Item11/27/2019 11:13 am
PFA19-40Approval of the October 15, 2019 Public Facilities Authority Meeting MinutesMeeting Item11/27/2019 11:14 am
PFA19-41Request for consideration by the PFA of resolution to approve three (3) estoppel certificates (together, “Estoppel Certificates”), each as contemplated respectively by (1) the Master Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions for City Springs, (2) the City Springs Declaration of Parking Easements and Cost Sharing Agreement, and (3) the City Springs Master Lease, in connection with the assignment by City Springs Owner, LLC of its interest in the private development at City SpringsMeeting Item11/27/2019 11:15 am
PFA19-42ADJOURNMENTMeeting Item11/27/2019 11:16 am
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