North End Redevelopment

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One of City Council’s adopted priorities is North End Redevelopment, with goals to:

  • Encourage reinvestment along Roswell Road in the north end of Sandy Springs, and
  • Enhance the quality and variety of housing, retail and amenities in the area and to improve the quality of life for all Sandy Springs residents.

As such, the City currently has a number of planning projects underway in 2020:

Conceptual Plans

The City awarded a contract to TSW Design to develop conceptual plans on four focus properties in the North End. These sites were chosen for their access to Roswell Road and their size, which is large enough to attract potential mixed use opportunities.

  • Big Lots Center (7300 Roswell Road)
  • Northridge Shopping Center (8331-8371 Roswell Road)
  • Loehmann’s Plaza (8610 Roswell Road)
  • North River Shopping Center (8765-8897 Roswell Road)

As a part of this project, TSW will create three conceptual master plans for each of the four focus properties. Each plan will include economic analysis based on market conditions, and will consider the financial feasibility of including how to add additional households within the district, looking at a variety of housing types at a variety of price points.

Community input is a vital component for the success of this project. The City will engage the general community in a variety of ways, including a public kick-off meeting, two rounds of on-site pop-up events in the North End at different points in the process, and a final public meeting to discuss final recommendations. All project information will be available online, including summaries, presentations from all meetings, and links to provide online feedback.

The study is expected to be complete by year-end 2020.

Opportunities for Public Input:


The online design input survey will be open Monday, June 1-Friday, June 19, 2020. To access the survey, go to

The first public meeting took place March 5th at 6pm at City Springs. You can view the presentation from this meeting here.

River Access

The City awarded a contract to Heath and Lineback Engineers to conduct a feasibility study for trails and access along the Chattahoochee River, including the identification of possible locations and methods to create access to the Chattahoochee River in topographically challenging areas, and how to connect these areas to the City’s Master Trails Plan. The final plan is expected to include a comprehensive review of existing conditions, including land use and zoning, as well as obtaining preliminary approval from regulatory agencies which govern properties in the river corridor.

Status: Currently in technical analysis and mapping phase, with public meetings expected in mid-June and fall 2020; study expected to be complete by year-end 2020.

North End Revitalization Advisory Committee

The North End Revitalization Advisory Committee was nominated by the mayor and approved by the city council. The primary work of this committee is to attend public meetings related to the River Access and Conceptual Plans projects, listen to the community’s input and ensure that the community input is taken into account throughout the plan development process. They will provide input in committee meetings with City staff and consultants, as well as provide comments on draft recommendations from the consultant. They will also help city staff with community outreach. Meeting agendas will be posted and summaries will be available online.

Members are residents and business owners in the North End.

  • Tamara Carrera
  • Sarah Cannon
  • Ardit Nicholas Curi
  • Ken Dishman
  • Emile Escalera
  • Jane Green
  • Nakisha Harris
  • Brie Harrison
  • Derek Lawrie
  • Darious Moore
  • Sean O'Keefe
  • Ronda Smith
  • Steve Soteres

Meeting Summaries

February 10, 2020

Long-Range Planning

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