Filing Petitions

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When proposed development in Sandy Springs falls outside of approved land uses, it is necessary to petition the City. These petitions include Rezonings, Use Permits, Zoning Modifications and Variances. It may also be necessary to Appeal a prior decision.

Rezonings / Use Permits / Zoning Modifications

Rezoning is the process required to change a property's zoning district from one category to another. Use Permits allow a use above and beyond what an underlying zoning district allows. Zoning Modifications provide a way to change a condition of zoning for a rezoning or a use permit.


Variances allow relief from a requirement of a City code, ordinance, or regulation. Variances require a pre-application meeting with planning staff and have a varied processing time based on the type of relief being sought.


Appeals allow an avenue to appeal the director’s decision. They are heard by the Board of Appeals in a public hearing.

Zoning Certifications

A Zoning Certifications Letter is a document detailing the existing zoning and conditions of a property, usually for legal purposes.

Developments of Regional Impact

Developments of Regional Impact (DRIs) are large-scale projects likely to impact geographies and jurisdictions beyond the local jurisdiction in which they are located.

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