Traffic Signals

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Sandy Springs has an extensive transportation system which includes over 330 miles of roadways, transit, bicycle, pedestrian and trails facilities. 

The City has installed 43 miles of fiber optics to 132 signals located throughout Sandy Springs, in efforts to help make the daily commute a less than stressful ride. The signals are managed from a control center located at City Hall.  To view a map outlining where signals are located, click here. For more information about the City's existing intelligent transportation system, click here.

Fiber and advanced traffic signals are components of the City’s intelligent transportation system (ITS). Learn how advanced signals are helping you move around the City.

The City developed and adopted the ITS Master Plan in 2019.

Transportation Improvements

Transportation improvement projects are always happening in the City.

Transportation Improvements Map

Road Work Advisories

See the latest planned lane and road closures around the city.

Road Work Advisories

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