Powers Ferry and Dupree Intersection Improvement

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Project Update: 

December 2015: The project is complete except for the school flashers and radar feedback signs. The equipment is on order and will be installed as soon as delivered to the City. Temporary school zone signs have been posted and will be replaced with the permanent equipment upon arrival.

o Intersection is a “T-intersection” with stop control on Dupree Drive.
o Powers Ferry Road is 3 lanes wide with a center left turn lane. Dupree Drive has a left and a right turn lane at the intersection.
o This intersection is expected to by heavily impacted by the relocated Heards Ferry Elementary School.

Project Description
The City of Sandy Springs proposes intersection improvements at Powers Ferry Road and Dupree Drive. This project was initiated in anticipation of the Heards Ferry Elementary School relocation. The intersection will become a 4-way intersection once the school driveway is built. The intersection will warrant the installation of a traffic signal once the school traffic. The center left turn lane on Powers Ferry Road will be used to add a right turn lane for northbound traffic and a left turn lane for southbound traffic. Dupree will have the turn lanes extended to help absorb the increased right turn traffic for the school. The project is funded by City of Sandy Springs under the T-7000 Intersection Improvement Program.

Handout from Public Information Open House 9-30-2014 

Project Reference Number #T-7230

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