Northridge Interchange at GA 400 Improvements

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Project Status

Early 2016-Construction Completed 

November 2015-Major construction completed. Punch list items underway.

Consruction began in the fall 2013 and is expected to take two years to complete. The project schedule is listed below. 

During the first year, the contractor will be tearing down the north side of the bridge and replacing it. Then, traffic will be shifted to the north and they will repeat the process for the south side of the bridge until completion. Once the work begins on the south side, in about a year, there will be no pedestrian access across the bridge until the project is complete. GDOT is working with Sandy Springs, MARTA and the schools in the area to accommodate the few pedestrians that traverse the bridge regularly.

Much of the work will be done during the day but some night work will be necessary during construction.

The Northridge Interchange project will provide capacity and operational improvements to the entrance and exit ramps as well as other intersection improvements to Northridge Road at Dunwoody Place, Northridge Road at Roberts Drive, and Northridge Road at Somerset Court. The project includes replacing the existing bridge with the new bridge, incorporating both pedestrian access and bike lanes in both directions. Operational improvements include additional signage for the northbound exit ramp from GA 400 and an additional lane on Northridge Road from SR 400 northbound to Dunwoody Place to accommodate improved traffic flow.

The $9.3 million project is scheduled to be completed September 30, 2015 and the contractor is C. W. Matthews Contracting Co. 

Project Description

This Design-Build project replaces the existing Northridge Road Bridge over SR 400 with a wider bridge to provide additional capacity to the interchange and to accommodate future anticipated operational and capacity improvements on SR 400. The new bridge will also have a sidewalk and bicycle lanes. Other project features include operational improvements to the SR 400 entrance and exit ramps at Northridge Road and the intersections of Northridge Road at Dunwoody Place and at Roberts Drive. The project will add new northbound and southbound exit lanes on SR 400 and new signage for the northbound exit ramp to Northridge Road; and a new roundabout to improve safety at Northridge and Somerset Court; and constructs a free flow exit lane from SR 400 northbound to Dunwoody Place. This reconstruction project was awarded to C.W. Matthews Contracting Company, Inc., at a contract cost of $9,268,235.96 on Feb. 12, 2013. The project is 100 percent funded by the State Road and Tollway Authority/SRTA and the City of Sandy Springs. The contract duration is 30 months composed of six months for final design and 24 months for construction.

Project Reference #T-0037


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