Interstate North and Riveredge Parkway Intersection Improvement

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Project Update: Under Construction

o The new Heards Ferry Elementary School will have a maximum enrollment of 850 students.
o Currently, the intersection is signal control and provides one lane in each approach.
o The current intersection Level-of-Service in the AM peak hour is D. It is expected to be F in 2015 without any improvements.

Project Description
The City of Sandy Springs proposes intersection improvements at Heards Ferry Road and Raider Drive/Heards Creek Drive. This project is intended to address a change in traffic patterns from the Heards Ferry Elementary School relocation and improve traffic flow. The intersection will be widened to include a westbound left-turn lane, a northbound right-turn lane, and an eastbound right-turn lane. The northbound approach (Raider Drive) will be realigned six feet to the west to minimize right-of-way acquisition. Existing signal heads will be mounted on new mast arms. Sidewalk connections on the south and west sides of the intersection will be maintained. The project is funded by City of Sandy Springs under T-7000 Intersection Improvement Program.

Handout from Public Information Open House 9-30-2014 

Project Reference Number #T-7227

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