Stream Walks

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Stream walks will be used to evaluate stream segment conditions.   

Beginning September 2017, representatives from River 2 Tap (R2T) will begin evaluating stream segment sections throughout the city. Homeowners may see the R2T representatives on or near their property. The City is proactively conducting stream walks in an effort to identify and address issues that may be contributing to creek impairments and to better understand stream conditions. The stream walks are expected to conclude at the end of the year.

The following creeks are currently listed on the Federal Clean Water Act 303d list of impaired streams for elevated levels of bacteria. 
Portions of: 
• Crooked Creek 
• Ball Mill Creek
• Marsh Creek
• Long Island Creek 
• Nancy Creek 

(Click here for a map of streams)

What you can do to help:
• Put litter in its place. Never dump anything onto the street, down a storm drain or into a drainage ditch.
• Pick up after your pet. Bag it and throw it into the trash.
• Compost or bag your grass clippings and leaves for curbside collection.
• Use fertilizers and pesticides sparingly.
• Wash your car over a grassy area or at a commercial car wash that recycles water, not on your driveway.
• Keep your septic system maintained to prevent leaks.
• Check your vehicles for leaks and repair them as soon as possible and always recycle your motor oil and other vehicle fluids.

For tips on how you may restore your stream banks, please click on the following link: 
Stream Bank Restoration Guidelines.


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