Lake Forrest Dam Repair

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The Lake Forrest Dam is classified by the State Safe Dams Program of the Environmental Protection Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (EPD) as a Category I, High Hazard dam.  In 2009, the dam was identified with several deficiencies impacting its structural integrity.  With safety a primary concern, the cities of Atlanta and Sandy Springs, through an Intergovernmental Agreement, have agreed to share jointly in addressing and implementing improvements, repairs and/or alterations or other long-term options to bring the dam into compliance with regulations. The cities monitor the dam regularly for safety and structural integrity.   

Lake Forrest Dam runs beneath Lake Forrest Drive on the Atlanta-Sandy Springs border.  Two smaller, private, dams are located upstream and have a direct impact on the integrity of the Lake Forrest Dam (the larger dam). Below is a chronological order of activity related to efforts to repair the Dam: 

Project Update 

October 2019:

September 2019: 

  • GA EPD first proposed Consent Agreement in negotiation

August 2019:

  • Plans and specifications for temporary repair measures produced
  • A Notice of Violation letter and a Draft Consent Agreement from GA EPD received by City of Atlanta (City of Sandy Springs letter enroute

July 2019:

  • Individual plats of survey and legal descriptions for affected properties around the lake prepared

May 2019:

  • Field run survey of affected properties around the lake performed

March 2019:

  • Mandatory biennial dam inspection performed - Engineer recommends temporary repair measures

January 2019:

  • Dam Breach Analysis and sensitivity analysis studies performed

June 2018:

  • Cost validation study prepared with independent contractors

 April 2018:

  • Peer-review of alternative analysis report performed by a third party consulting firm

December 2017: 

  • Interim Emergency Action Plan prepared

Project History  2015 - 2017 

Lake Forrest Dam Repair Presentation Feb 2015

Lake Forrest Dam_Intergovtl agreement 2015

LakeForrestDamPresentation 9.17.17

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