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Stormwater runoff is rainfall that does not soak into the ground. As it rolls off the surface, it picks up debris from the rooftops, lawns, streets and parking lots, which are eventually deposited into our waterways.  

Stormwater Map

Explore how surface water flows in the City! Use the stormwater map to view the storm network in your neighborhood on your computer or mobile device. Search for an address or zoom into an area for details. Tools along the top provide additional features. Turn on overhead aerial imagery in the basemap gallery and create downloadable maps using the print tool. (Please note this map is intended for general reference only as a public service and does not necessarily represent the legal determinations of ownership or maintenance.) Source GIS data is available on the City's Open Data Portal or by contacting

Stream Walks to evaluate stream segment conditions

The City is proactively conducting stream walks in an effort to identify and address issues that may be contributing to creek impairments and to better understand stream conditions. 

Marsh Creek Rain Garden

Sandy Springs has its very own water treatment plant. The Marsh Creek Rain Garden filters contaminated stormwater runoff with natural plant life and a water fountain in a beautiful parklike setting.

Mabry Road Stormwater Project 

Lake Forrest Dam Repair

Overlook Park Rain Garden

City of Sandy Springs Stormwater Policy

Stormwater Policy Changes (July 2016) 

Stormwater Informational Brochures

Septic Tank Information

Neighborhood Storm Drain Marking Program

Spread the word! You can help the City prevent storm water pollution by participating in the Sandy Springs Storm Drain Marking Program. Storm Drain markers are small, colorful signs attached to the top of storm drains. They help educate and remind people that anything dumped into the storm drains will flow straight into our streams, creeks and rivers.  The City will provide a neighborhood with all of the materials needed to mark the neighborhood’s storm drain; we need your help in securing the markers onto the storm drains.  It’s a great community project !  

For information regarding how you can volunteer to label the drains in your neighborhood, please contact Keep North Fulton Beautiful at 770-551-7766.


Watershed Improvement Studies:

Long Island Creek Executive Summary

Nancy Creek Executive Summary

Fecal Coliform Executive Summary

Fulton County Stormwater Studies

Fulton County/Sandy Springs Study Area

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