Utility Permits

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When is a utility permit required?

A utility permit is required when either gas or electricity has been removed from a property due to vacancy or by decision of the utility provider.

When is the permit not required?

A utility permit is not required when the utility re-connection is part of a larger residential building permit or commercial building permit.

Who can apply for a permit?

A permit can be obtained by a licensed contractor, property owner or manager, or property owner’s representative.

Applying for a utility re-connection permit

To apply for a utility re-connection permit, please visit the construction permit desk located at the “Zoning and Permitting” entrance on the south side of City Hall. Utility re-connection permits are issued over the counter at the time of application.

Licensed Contractors: Please bring your Business License and state issued ID (e.g. driver’s license).

Property Owners: Please bring your state issued ID (e.g. driver’s license). You will need to sign an affidavit certifying that you are responsible for the project.

Permit Fees:

In Sandy Springs, a $25 fee is assessed for all utility re-connection permits.

Inspection Process

To complete your permit requirements, you will need to schedule an inspection using the online inspection request form. Alternatively, you can call 770-730-5600. For electrical utility re-connections, a service inspection is required. For gas utility re-connections, a gas test inspection is required.

After an inspection is performed, an approval is forwarded to the appropriate utility provider. Please contact the utility provider for further instruction on how to have the respective utility restored.

Information for Homeowners

Before a utility company begins work in your neighborhood it is required to:

  • Obtain a permit from the City of Sandy Springs
  • Leave a Notice of Utility Work flier at each impacted residence
  • Post a Notice of Utility Work sign at the work area if the area impacted includes more than 500 feet of underground work

Notices must include the utility company name and contact information, as well as contact information for any subcontractors working on the project.   Click here to learn more about Reporting a Problem and connect to the city's map of Utility Companies working in Sandy Springs

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