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There is a good reason why Yelp named Sandy Springs the Most Customer-Friendly Town in America; we work hard to attract and retain high-quality businesses. The City has a number of programs designed to encourage the retention and expansion of existing businesses in Sandy Springs and to encourage the establishment of new targeted businesses.


The City of Sandy Springs offers an Economic Incentive Program to attract new business to our City and encourage the growth of existing businesses. Benefits of this program include an expedited permitting process, a waiver of permit fees and a waiver of business and occupational taxes. The Incentive Program is available to businesses that create 15 or more full-time jobs that meet or exceed the average wage level within the city and make a real capital investment in a new or renovated building of at least $1 million. There are three tiers to the Program: 


There is a new Incentive Program for small businesses looking to expand or locate in Priority Redevelopment Areas of Sandy Springs. For these areas, the Incentive Program job creation and capital investment thresholds have been lowered. The program is available to businesses that create five or more full-time jobs, and make a real capital investment of at least $250,000. Available incentives would be the same as other incentives for larger projects but would be available only in designated redevelopment areas of the City, as defined in the Comprehensive Plan. Please contact the Economic Development department for more information about specific eligible parcels.


A business locating or expanding within the Roswell Road/I-285 Corridor Opportunity Zone may qualify for Georgia’s maximum state Job Tax Credit of $3,500 per job. This credit offers significant tax advantages for businesses within the Opportunity Zone which create at least 2 new jobs. The credit may be applied against Georgia income tax liability and state payroll withholding for 5 years, beginning with the tax year in which the new jobs were created. 


This program allows a reduction in impact fees when a housing project proposes to create at least 150 new or replacement housing units and at least 20 percent of the units are made available to individuals or families with annual incomes of no more than 120 percent of the annual median income of all households in Sandy Springs. Exemptions are also possible for any housing project of at least 150 housing units that proposes to replace at least 150 existing rental housing units with no less than 75 percent of the units intended for home ownership.

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