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Business Regulations by Industry

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Certain categories of business are subject to special rules and regulations including home-based businesses, hotels (and other types of short-term lodging) and car rental companies.

Apartment Complexes

There are certain City ordinances regarding apartment complexes. Learn more about the specific regulations.

Home-based Businesses

According to the Business for Home non-profit organization, there are 38 million home-based businesses in the United States with a new one started every 12 seconds. In Sandy Springs, home-based businesses are required to get a business license.

Hotels and Lodging

Businesses which operate a hotel, motel, inn, lodge, tourist camp, tourist cabin, bed and breakfast are required to collect a tax from each person occupying accommodations.

Vehicle Rental

Sandy Springs businesses which rent or lease motor vehicles designed to carry ten or fewer passengers for a period of 31 consecutive days or less are required to collect excise taxes.

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