Adult Entertainment Venue Employee Permits

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Every employee working in the adult entertainment industry must have an Adult Establishment Work Permit.

Step One: Applications should be submitted in person to the Revenue Department, including a $55.00 application fee.  Following notarization of the Lawful Presence Affidavit, the applicant will receive two receipts, one for the Police Department and one for the employer (adult entertainment establishment).

Step Two: The applicant will bring the above receipt to the Police Department (Building 300), and will be fingerprinted as well as complete the needed process for a background check. 

Adult Entertainment Administrative Permit Application

An application shall be considered complete when it contains the following:

  • The applicant’s full legal name and any other names used by the applicant in the preceding five years;
  • Current business address or another mailing address for the applicant;
  • Written proof of age, in the form of a driver’s license, a picture identification document containing the applicant’s date of birth issued by a governmental agency, or a copy of a birth certificate accompanied by a picture identification document issued by a governmental agency;
  • The adult establishment work permit application fee ($55.00).
  • A statement of whether the applicant has been convicted of, or has pled guilty or nolo contendere to, a crime;
  • A completed set of fingerprints taken by the city's police department. The police department shall provide fingerprinting service upon the request of the applicant during regular office hours.

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