Business Regulations and Licensing

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The Permit and Revenue desks are now open at City Hall by appointment only. You can make an appointment at:

Doing Business in Sandy Springs

Thank you for choosing to conduct business in our city! All businesses located in the City of Sandy Springs are required to hold a valid Business Occupational Tax Certificate, often referred to as a business license, and pay Business Occupational Taxes. There are additional requirements for businesses who sell alcohol, businesses who rent short-term accommodations (hotels/motel etc.) and businesses who rent vehicles.

Opening a New Business

Every business needs an Occupational Tax Certificate also referred to as a business licenses in Sandy Springs. To avoid penalty fees, they should be applied for within 30 days of opening the business.

Annual Business License Payment and Renewal

Businesses located in Sandy Springs are required to obtain a Business Occupational Tax Certificate (business license). The Certificate is valid for a calendar year and must be renewed annually.

Alcohol Sales

Alcohol wholesalers and retailers have different tax requirements and due dates to abide by.

Business Regulations by Industry

Certain categories of business are subject to special rules and regulations:

Visiting our Office

The staff at the Sandy Springs Revenue Department can assist you if you need further guidance.
The Revenue Department is open from 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday-Friday at City Hall.

Please note:

Individuals seeking the following permits are required to visit City Hall (1 Galambos Way) to apply and pay associated fees, and then visit the Sandy Springs Police Department for further processing:

• Massage permit
• Pawn shop permit
• Solicitation (door-to-door) permit
• Booting and immobilization permit 
Please note: Bartender/server Pouring Permits (serving at restaurants only, applicants must go directly to the Sandy Springs Police Department located at 7840 Roswell Road, Suite 301, 30350 )

Special Event permits are handled by the Community Development permit desk located at 1 Galambos Way, 30328.  


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