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Division 8.3 of the Sandy Springs Development Code governs the type and number of signs that can be displayed on private property.

Effective February 1, 2019: All freestanding monument and wall mounted sign plans must be signed by an engineer. Freestanding monument signs will no longer require a separate building permit. All inspections will be requested under the sign permit. Wall mounted signs installed higher than 8 feet above grade will require review by a third party inspection company. Third party inspection shall be submitted to the Building Official prior to final sign approval.


How do I obtain a sign permit?

Step 1: Complete a Sign Permit Application

Step 2: Provide required information and material

Permanent Sign:

- Site plan to scale
- Building elevations to scale
- Drawing of proposed signs to scale
- Description and pictures of existing signage

Temporary Sign:

- Drawing of proposed design to scale

Step 3: Submit the application in person at the City Hall Permit Desk located at

1 Galambos Way
Sandy Springs, Georgia 30328

Step 4: Sign Permit Application Review

Permanent Sign:

- Staff will process a complete and accurate sign permit application within 30 business days

Temporary Sign:

- Most temporary banner permits can be processed over the counter

Step 5: Approval and Payment

-Upon approval, payment must be made to receive the permit

How do I know if I need a sign permit?

If your proposed sign is not specifically exempted from permitting, according to Section 8.3.4 of the Development Code, nor prohibited by Section 8.3.3, then a permit is required.

Where can I place my sign?

Signs may only be placed on private property. Signs are prohibited in the right-of-way and on street corners, sidewalks, medians, utility poles, etc.

How large can my sign be?

The maximum square footage for a sign depends on the type of sign. Please refer to Section 8.3.9 of the Development Code for information regarding sign area allocation.

Can I put up temporary signs and/or banner signs?

Yes, but the signs have specific regulations that must be met. All signs must be placed on private property.

Temporary signs do not require a permit and must meet the following regulations, per Section 8.3.4.H:

1. Single Unit Detached, Single Unit Attached:
a. Up to two (2) temporary signs per lot are allowed.
b. Maximum total temporary sign area of six (6) square feet per lot.
c. Maximum height of 6 feet.
d. Temporary signs must not be illuminated.
2. All Other Uses
a. Maximum temporary sign area of 16 square feet per lot for all temporary signs combined. There is no restriction on the number of temporary signs, provided that the sign area, when combined, does not exceed the total allocated sign area.
b. Temporary signs may be used for a period not exceeding 60 consecutive days on two (2) separate occasions per year. Additional posting time may be allowed by the Director, provided the temporary activity on the site is continuing.
c. Temporary signs must not be illuminated.

Banner signs require a permit and must meet the following regulations, per Section 8.3.18.C:

1. The signs shall be restricted to a maximum area of 32 square feet per parcel.
2. When at grade level, the maximum sign height is five (5) feet, and when placed on a building, a maximum height of 24 feet and cannot extend above the roofline.
3. Signs cannot encroach into the right-of-way or the easement of a private road.
4. Signs may be displayed on a same lot for a maximum of three (3), two-week (14-day) periods per calendar year.

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