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Mechanical (HVAC) Permits

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When is a Mechanical (HVAC) Permit required?

A Mechanical (HVAC) Permit, rough inspection and final inspection are required for all projects involving heating, ventilation and air conditioning projects, in all types of property including residential and commercial properties.

When is a Mechanical (HVAC) Permit not required?

Due to the potentially dangerous scenarios dealing with water pressure (ie – water heater replacements and installations) , a Mechanical (HVAC) Permit, rough inspection and final inspection are always required. The only exception is if a Mechanical Permit is issued as part of a larger residential building permit or commercial building permit.

Who can apply for a permit?

A permit can be obtained by licensed contractor or the property owner. In order for the property owner to obtain a permit, the property must be their current permanent residence.

Applying for a Mechanical Permit

To apply for a Mechanical Permit, please visit the construction permit desk located at the “Zoning and Permitting” entrance on the south side of City Hall. Mechanical permits are customarily issued over the counter or within 2 days of receipt via postal mail.

Licensed Contractors: Please bring your Trade Card, Business License and state issued ID (e.g. driver’s license).

Property Owners: Please bring your state issued ID (e.g. driver’s license). You will need to sign an affidavit certifying that you are responsible for the project.

Mechanical Permit Application

Permit Fees

In Sandy Springs, the fee for a permit is based on the value of the project. To find out how much the permit will cost, please view our permit fee schedule. Our Permit Technicians will assist you in calculating your permit fee.

Inspection Process

To complete your permit requirements, you will need to schedule two inspections using the the online inspection request form. Alternatively you can call 770-730-5600.

1. Rough Inspection: The rough inspection is conducted while the  work is visible. Please schedule this inspection before any mechanical work is covered by drywall.

2. Final Inspection: The final inspection is conducted when the project is completed.

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