Demolition Permits

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When is a demolition permit required?

A demolition permit is required before the destruction of any free-standing structure.

When is a demolition permit not required?

In projects involving a partial demolition, permitting is typically obtained with a residential building permit or commercial building permit. Examples of this include interior walls, or exterior structures such as carport.

Who can apply for a demolition permit?

Due to the scope of this type of work, general contractors will apply for demolition permits.

Applying for a Demolition Permit

To obtain a permit, please visit the permitting office at City Hall.  Allow for 5-10 business days.
Please bring:

  • 3 sets of demolition plans (site plans)
  • pest control letter
  • asbestos abatement survey

Required Application Documents: The following documents are required for the permitting process. You can fill these out before you visit us, or we can assist you once you arrive.

Demolition Permit Application
Demolition Permit Checklist  
Soil Erosion Agreement

Inspection Process

Applicants should plan for pre-construction meeting and final site inspection. For debris removal, please familiarize yourself with the City Code for dumpster placement.

Permit Fees

In Sandy Springs, the fee for a permit is based on the value of the project. To find out how much the permit will cost, please view our Permit Fee Schedule.


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