Registering Alarms in Sandy Springs

Registering Alarms in Sandy Springs

To register your alarm system today, you can:

Beginning Oct. 1, 2013, all monitored alarm systems in Sandy Springs are required to be registered with the City. Registration of your residential or commercial alarm system can be done online at  The registration requirement is part of a newly passed City ordinance targeting a reduction in the number of false alarms in the City.

Once an alarm is registered, it is automatically renewed. If the property owner moves, or changes alarm providers, they will need to update their information.

More than 80 percent of all false alarms are caused by user error. Make sure you and those who will activate the alarm are properly educated on the system’s operation from your alarm company. If you do set your alarm off accidentally, disarm your system as soon as possible and give your alarm monitoring station the necessary password and ID number to have the 9-1-1 call canceled.

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