Post Date:06/19/2018 4:39 p.m.

The Sandy Springs City Council has approved an ordinance which limits areas where pet owners can walk their dogs at City Springs. City Hall at City Springs opened in May 2018, with the Performing Arts Center officially opening in August 2018.  The Aston, residences at City Springs, opened in April.

Of concern is the City Green, an outdoor recreation area at City Springs. It is comprised of paved areas with seating, tables and swings; interactive fountains for children; and a .5 acre lawn.  The City Green is designed to be a space where residents can gather, as well as meet to enjoy programmed events throughout the year. In the short time since opening, dogs and their owners have frequented the City Green, often times leaving pet waste behind.  In addition, several landscape areas have been damaged.  

Given the child-centric play area which is a part of the park, as well as the grass area intended for events which will include lawn-style seating, the City Council concurred with staff recommendations to restrict pets within the park zone.

The new rules include a fine structure for violations: $50 for the first offense, $100 for second and third offenses, and $250 for any additional offenses.  Guide dogs and service dogs will be permitted.

The policy takes effect immediately; however, fines will not become effective until July 19, 2018, giving the public time to become familiar with the new policy.


Restricted Area Map - REV 1.1



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