Post Date:05/15/2018

In response to feedback from alarm companies, the Sandy Springs City Council, during its May 15, 2018 meeting, revised its False Alarm Ordinance modifying the fee structure and adjusting its appeal process. 


Under the revised Ordinance, the fine for the first false alarm remains a $25.00 fee.  The fine for a second false alarm at the same alarm site was reduced from $250.00 to $150.00, and the fine for a third false alarm is $250.00.   A monitored site which experiences more than three false alarms is ineligible for dispatch for intrusion (burglar) alarm activations for one calendar year. 


The changes also extend the time an alarm company has to appeal a false alarm from ten to 30 days.   To appeal, the alarm company may file a written notice within 30 days after the date of the notification of a false alarm.  The designated Public Safety representative provides a review and determination within five business days, giving written notification of the appeal decision.  The alarm company may also appeal that decision to the respective police or fire chief, providing a written notice of appeal within ten days of the original appeal decision. 


Penalties for failure of an alarm company to verify an intrusion alarm; failure of an alarm company to register and/or provide the City with a list of all current alarms in operation within the city; failure of an alarm company to notify the City prior to putting an alarm in operation; and failure of an alarm company to provide a valid permit number remain in effect.

In April, the City amended Sec. 18-36 of the Ordinance, requiring alarm companies to provide written notification to its customers upon suspension of an alarm company permit.

The changes to the Ordinance are effective immediately.




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