TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2019, 6:00 p.m.



Call to Order (6:00 pm)

The meeting was called to order by Vice Chair E. Johnson at 6:00 p.m.

Roll Call

Staff called roll with the following Board of Appeals Members present or absent:

PRESENT: Vice Chair E. Johnson, Members A. Johnson, Lichtenstein, Mobley, Thackston, and Allen

ABSENT: Chairman Sandler

General Announcements

Vice Chair E. Johnson read the rules and procedures for public hearings. 

Approval of Meeting Agenda - May 14, 2019

Member Lichtenstein moved to approve the meeting agenda with Member Allen seconding the motion which passed via voice vote, 6-0-0.

Approval of Meeting Minutes - March 12, 2019

BOA Minutes 3.12.19

The Minutes from the March 12, 2019 meeting were approved based on a motion to approve made by Member A. Johnson, seconded by Member Thackston, passing via unanimous voice vote. (6-0-0)



6280 Cherry Tree Lane

Variances from Sec. 2.3.2 and Sec. 9.2.4.A to allow for encroachments for the construction of a new house.

V19-0008 Final Package

Staff Planner, Madalyn Smith, presented the case with a recommendation to approve with conditions. 

Applicant Henry Bissell spoke on behalf of his requested variance. Kimberly Deboussey also spoke in support of developing the site to improve it since currently it is overgrown and not attractive. 

The Board of Appeals Members discussed the case to determine if it met the definition of a hardship and also to list concerns. Member Thackston stated the buffer seems to be a hardship for development while Vice Chair E. Johnson inquired about any mitigation and another variance. Mr. Bissell said there will be mitigation and no more variances. Also noted, the garage rendering shows incorrectly. Member Mobley wanted to view a site plan. 

Member Lichtenstein moved to approve the request per Staff's Recommendation with Vice Chair E. Johnson seconding the motion which  passed by a voice vote, 5-1-0. Members Allen, Mobley and Thackston supported the motion crafted by Member Lichtenstein and seconded by Vice Chair A. Johnson with Member A. Johnson not voting in support. The motion passed to approve the requested variance. 


On-Going Business

None at this time. 

New Business

Annual Election of Officers - Chair & Vice Chair

For annual officer elections, VIce Chair E. Johnson moved to nominate current Chairman Sandler to remain as Chair with all in agreement (6-0-0), Mr. Sandler will continue until 2020 officer elections as Board of Appeals Chairman. 

Member Lichtenstein moved to nominate current Vice Chair E. Johnson to remain in his current capacity which also was unanimously agreed upon (6-0-0). Mr. E. Johnson will continue as Board of Appeals Vice Chair until early 2020. 

Public Comments

None at this time. 


The meeting was adjourned with a motion by Member Lichtenstein, seconded by Member Thackston with a unanimous voice vote to adjourn the May Board of Appeals meeting.