TUESDAY, MARCH 26, 2019, 6:00 PM



Call to Order (6:00 pm)

Staff called the meeting to order.

Roll Call

Staff called roll, those present and absent are listed below.

Present: Chairman Frostbaum, Vice Chair Porter, Commissioners Haggard, Nickles and Settles

Absent: Commissioners Johns and Kelly

General Announcements

Staff read the rules and procedures for the public hearing. 

Approval of Meeting Agenda - March 26, 2019

Commissioner Settles moved to approve the meeting agenda with Commissioner Nickles seconding the motion which passed via unanimous voice vote. (4-0-0)

Approval of Meeting Minutes - February 26, 2019

PC Minutes 2.26.19

Commissioner Haggard moved to approve the February Minutes while Commissioner Nickles seconded the motion with a voice vote approving the Minutes for the meeting held on February 26, 2019. (4-0-0)



148 West Belle Isle

Character Area Map Amendment from Protected Neighborhood to Neighborhood Village.

CA18-0002 Final Package

The Planning and Zoning Manager, Catherine Mercier-Baggett, presented the case with a recommendation for denial per the Comprehensive Plan in keeping the Character Area Map intact. 

The Applicant's Attorney, Mr. Richard Newton, explained the Applicant's position regarding the Character Area Map Amendment. Mr. Newton requested permission to provide a package of information including aerials, renderings and communication with the neighbor to the Planning Commission. This required a motion which was made by Commissioner Settles to accept the additional information, seconded by Commissioner Nickles and passing unanimously. The packages were presented to each individual Planning Commissioner with a copy for Staff also. Mr. Newton stated this amendment would not adversely affect traffic, infrastructure, schools or other issues but would reinforce the existing character.

No other comments of support or opposition were offered.  

The Planning Commission had a few questions for Staff during their discussion (parking, vacancy of the property, transition buffer, encroachment). Commissioner Nickles made a motion to approve the change to the Character Area Map for a single story office building, no second was offered causing the motion to fail. Chairman Frostbaum asked Council of Neighborhoods President, Ronda Smith, to speak at the podium as the Planning Commission continued with questions. Vice Chair Porter stated his view about  tough calls on the fringes and the need to draw a line which was agreed upon by Chairman Frostbaum in this case, in consideration to the time taken with the Development Code and protected neighborhoods. Commissioner Nickles voiced concern over the disservice being done if this amendment was denied. Commissioner Haggard made a speaking motion stating, "we should approve the Character Area Amendment from protected neighborhood to neighborhood village with no conditions because in light of the location and  in light of the discussion here tonight, makes a compatible transition, not higher in density, it is a transition property." Commissioner Settles seconded the motion with a voice vote passing to approve, 3-1. Commissioner Nickles voted in support of the motion with Commissioners Haggard and Settles while Vice Chair Porter did not support the motion. 

On-Going Business

None at this time. 

New Business

Annual Election of Officers - Chair & Vice Chair

Annual elections for Planning Commission Officers, Chair and Vice Chair, are held every spring. Commissioner Nickles made a motion to nominate both Chairman Frostbaum and Vice Chair Porter to continue in their current roles as Chair and Vice Chair, respectively. Commissioner Settles seconded this motion with a unanimous voice vote supporting this motion for Chairman Frostbaum and Vice Chair Porter to continue through the 2019 calendar year. Both Chair and Vice Chair graciously accepted the support of the Planning Commission to continue in their current roles. 

Public Comments

None were offered at this meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:42 pm.

With all agenda items being heard and acted on, Commissioner Settles moved to adjourn the meeting with Commissioner Nickles seconding, all Planning Commissioners voting in favor of the motion to adjourn. (4-0-0)