TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2019, 6:00 PM



Call to Order (6:02 pm)

The meeting was called to order at 6:02 p.m. 

Roll Call

Staff called roll with the following listed as present or absent.

Present: Chairman Frostbaum, Commissioners Haggard, Johns and Nickles

Absent: Vice Chair Porter, Kelly and Settles

With four members of the Planning Commission present, the quorum requirement was met, thus, the meeting continued with Chairman Frostbaum automatically becoming a voting member in this instance. 

General Announcements

Staff read the rules and procedures for a public hearing.

Approval of Agenda

Commissioner Nickles moved to approve the agenda with Commissioner Johns moving to second the motion, passing by a voice vote, 4-0-0. 

Approval of Meeting Minutes - January 22, 2019

PC Minutes 1.22.19

Commissioner Johns made a motion to approve the January Minutes with a second to the motion by Commissioner Nickles, passing by unanimous voice vote. (4-0-0)

Commissioner Johns commended Staff on compiling the lengthy and detailed meeting notes into the January Minutes. 



0, 6401, 6403 Barfield Road

Rezoning from PX-10/12 to PX-10/12 to amend existing zoning conditions to allow a hotel use.

RZ18-0008 Final Package

*This case was previously postponed. 

Catherine Mercier-Baggett, Planning and Zoning Supervisor, presented this case. 

Woody Galloway, Galloway Law Group, representing the Applicant - Northplace Associates, spoke to the basics of the request which he confirmed had been presented by Staff. The Applicant was approached by a hotel developer (Aloft) to develop the site. Mr. Galloway outlined working with Staff for modifications also favorable to both Autumn Chase HOA and Glanville. Mr. Rob Stein, Autumn Chase HOA, spoke to this agreement with one additional condition regarding hotel accessory/conference/meeting spaces shall contain a seating capacity of no greater than 75 seats and special events shall not be held outdoors (change to the Staff Report, page 18, 1A). Neil Fleming,Glanville Condominium Association, agrees with Autumn Chase. 

After a brief discussion by the Planning Commissioners, all agreeing this was a good job by all involved, Commissioner Haggard moved to approve the request per Staff's Recommendation except on page 18, strike the last sentence replacing with wording for seating capacity to be no more than 75 seats and no outdoor events. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Nickles, passing by unanimous voice vote. (4-0-0)

It was noted that many members of the Autumn Chase HOA were in attendance wearing pink post its. 



0, 309, 314, 354 Dalrymple Road

Rezoning from RE-1  to RD-18  

RZ18-0010 Final Package

This case was also presented by Catherine Mercier-Baggett, Planning and Zoning Supervisor, and had been previously postponed. Staff Recommendation was to deny the request. 

Pete Hendricks, Attorney for the Applicant, began to speak in support of the request for the Applicant, Mr. James Self. Mr. Hendricks and Mr. Self both spoke to the details of the request and opting to reserve remaining time for rebuttal if needed after those opposed spoke to the request.

Speaking in opposition to this case were as follows: Justin Spariano (North Springs HOA President), Bruce Alterman, Kim Wyatt, Lee Swerdlin and Ronda Smith (Sandy Springs Council of Neighborhoods). The speakers, mostly residents in the area of North Springs and Thornhill, spoke to support Staff's Recommendation to deny the request with the speakers sharing the view that this would detract from the current character of the area and not add to it since it would be substantially different. There was a consensus of a significant adverse impact on the quality of life of current residents in the neighborhood and the issue of safety due to cut through roads was also detailed. 

Mr. Hendricks added further details regarding the request, zoning designation and referenced the Staff Report while stating this would not adversely impact the neighborhood properties. Mr. Self stated how vested he is in the neighborhood, speaking to the frontages and other issues mentioned during opposition. 

Public Comment was closed by Chairman Frostbaum with Commissioner Haggard opening discussion with concerns of protecting the neighborhoods with the concept to change the zoning contradicting the Comprehensive Plan and the Development Code. This was shared by Commissioner Nickles, Chairman Frostbaum and Commissioner Johns.

Commissioner Haggard made a motion to deny the request with a friendly amendment which he added as clarification to the denial by stating the reason being based upon the clear contradiction of the Comprehensive Plan with Commissioner Nickles seconding this motion, passing by unanimous voice vote. (4-0-0)


5790 Mountain Creek Road

Request for a Conditional Use Permit for a personal care home for up to eight (8) residents.

U18-0008 Final Package (r)

Catherine Mercier-Baggett, Planning and Zoning Supervisor, presented the case which requires a Conditional Use Permit for a personal care home to house more than three (3) residents. Staff recommends approval with one condition - allowing no more than eight (8) residents, exclusive of staff. 

Attorney Pete Hendricks represented Ms. Carol Reynolds, the Applicant. Mr. Hendricks explained the request as outlined by Staff to increase the number of residents to eight (8) without affecting the exterior or the footprint. Ms Reynolds also spoke to the request. 

Commissioner Nickles moved to approve the request with Staff's proposed condition regarding the number of live-in residents being no more than eight (8) with Commissioner Johns seconding the motion followed by unanimous voice vote in favor, passing the motion. (4-0-0)  

On-Going Business

None at this time. 

New Business

None at this time. 

Public Comments

None at this time.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:06 p.m. 

The motion to adjourn was made by Commissioner Nickles, seconded by Commissioner Haggard, passing unanimously. (4-0-0)